STORY: Makeup

I am not a girly girl, swear. I was never the type who loved shoes, bags, clothes and make up like the rest of the girls in my class... but people change. I have fallen under the spell that the rest of the female kind has been under. The effect of the spell came a little bit later on me but it eventually did... except for one... make up. I still am not a fan of make up mainly because its too complicated. So complicated that I have a fear of buying make up in stores because I'm afraid I might look like a fool when the saleslady asks me what I am looking for and I don't know what to call the thing.

I put on a little makeup here and there but the most I can handle is eyeliner, lipstick and blush. A recent addition is brow pencil which I am super thankful for finally discovering. I experiment at home since I do like painting and make up to me is pretty much the same thing. But I wouldn't dare put on make up when people are watching 'coz I might have been doing the wrong things all these times. I might have been applying stuff to my eye which should be for some other facial part! But who cares? What matters to me is that I copy the look I want, how I get there is my business! Haha!

Anyway, today, I feel very pleasant about how my basic eyeliner, blush, brow pencil and lipstick look turned out. I feel very clean and nice. So please allow me to be vain for a moment and post pictures of myself feeling pretty (That is, if haven't been doing that already! Hahaha)

I really am not a fan of pretty moments so I had to do this. Haha!

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