STORY: Mashita

After a long while, I'm finally spending my lunch breaks outside the campus again (which I've missed greatly, honestly). Its because in the last couple of weeks my schedule has gotten too busy for me to go out, look for a place to eat, eat and then walk all the way back to school. I always end up having to settle with canteen food. I like our canteen's food (although it is a bit pricey) but it gets tiring sometimes... and I don't just mean the food, even the atmosphere.

Minky and a bunch of my other classmates keep raving about this Korean/Japanese Restaurant in the resurrected University Mall in Taft. Its about 5 minutes away from school but I find it such a hassle to get there since the crossing of the streets and the tiny sidewalks make it so difficult. Anyway, thanks to peer pressure (kuno), I was introduced to this place they call Mashita.

I was hesitant to eat at the place since I am not the biggest fan of trying new dishes (or new restaurants which serve foreign cuisines as in this case). So to adapt to this "scary" situation, the first time I ate in this place I ordered the most familiar thing on the menu: Gyoza. Oh boy was it a good decision. The Gyoza tasted great! I loved it and decided I should give Mashita a chance. The next time I went to the place, I was just there for dessert after having lunch at BonChon which is conveniently located below Mashita. I tasted their yummy ice cream sandwich and loved the texture. The loaf of the ice cream sandwich was just the right amount so my teeth won't hurt from the cold of the ice cream each time I take a bite.

Chocolate Korean Ice Cream

Today, I was the one who invited Minky and Pya to have our lunch at Mashita. We were going to do our thesis revisions this afternoon so it was best that we had full stomachs to work with. I decided to try something I haven't tasted or heard of before but still wasn't too out of my comfort zone so I ordered Omurice which was simply omelette rice. It was perfect actually. I love eggs and I am a rice eater so the meal was perfect for me. The vegetables on the side were very tasty, too.


The serving was pretty big though. I had to ask my classmates to take bites from it but only Pya did. I was always taught not to leave food on my plate since it would be a waste of blessing so I forced myself to gobble everything in (I have tried to ignore this "conscience" of mine during times when my stomach really is full and there is still food on my plate, but sometimes the guilt is just too strong... as in this case).

What added to my bloated tummy was the Gyoza I ordered on the side. The Gyoza was just too yummy for me not to order it. Since I was too full, I didn't fully enjoy the yumminess of the gyoza since a part of me wanted to just spit it out. Haha!

Gyoza with the yummy sauce
My HEAVY lunch

Since I'm talking about Mashita, might as well share what I ate here the past week. I went to the place with Jana and I ordered Bibimbap. I had no idea what the dish would taste like since Jana hasn't tasted the dish either. I just risked it and believed that the dish would taste as good as the photo in the menu.


I ended up liking what I ordered. The dish was basically a ton of vegetables with a few beef sprinkled on top. Add a sunny side up egg on top and fill the bottom of the bowl with fried rice and you've got Bibimbap. I didn't eat the shredded carrots and eggplant but I loved the rest of  it especially the shredded cucumber (the green thing in the photo... well I think its cucumber).

Jana's order. I'm not sure what you call it but I believe that's tempura on top with a lot of breading sprinkled on top the fried rice.

I guess now I understand what all the fuss is about Mashita although I still haven't joined the group of people who crave for their dishes (especially their Jjampong which I heard is really spicy). But I am proud that I can add Korean and Japanese to cuisines I have been exposed to!

I guess I should include educating my taste palette in my new year's resolution huh? There is so much more restaurants to try, I should just be more adventurous to try them. Here's to food tripping in 2012! ;)

P.S. While we're at food adventures, let me share that I have finally tasted the KFC Zinger Double Down. Its much bigger than the Original Double Down and its much tastier (since its spicier). I dislike the mayonnaise on it though. But for the price of it, I'd have to go with my favorite Wow Chicken Steak and a bucket of fries instead. I give the bun-less sandwich a 3 out of 5.

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