STORY: Midnight Snack-ing

I have always been a night person. For as long as I can remember I have been spending most of the daytime in bed and most of my night time in front on the television or computer. When I was younger the only thing stopping me from greeting the sun shining wide awake was my bed time which I remember clearly was at 9:00 p.m. Mom would check on me and my brother to see if we were already sleeping by that time but the truth is, I was just faking my sleep. As soon as I know she has fallen asleep, I turn on the TV and put the volume on low. But that didn't help me much since the glowing of the TV with pretty much no sound just made me tired and sleepy. 

Fast forward to my teen years when I shook off the bedtime, I would stay up until around 5am. Actually just these past couple of days, I have been breaking my record each time. So far, the latest I've gone is 6a.m. Don't ask me what I'm doing because I don't know either! One minute I'm watching a TV show online and the next thing you know the sun is shining through my window! 

Anyways, when you stay up late, you get hungry. And food don't prepare themselves. That is the biggest downside of being a night person. You have to get up in the middle of the night, creep down the stairs, try to find the switch, stick your nose in the refrigerator until you find something easy to prepare, put it in a bowl or add hot water (depends on what you found), then scurry back to your room without waking anyone up. That takes skill you know! There are times I even find myself frying an egg in the middle of the night with matching rice! All along I thought I have gotten away with my midnight adventures but apparently my mom knows about it all along. She just doesn't say anything about it anymore though (just the staying up late part, the eating she doesn't mind). She used to lecture me all the time about the importance of sleep then I'd explain that I could always sleep in the daytime then she'd answer back that its not the same and there is so much more I could accomplish if I slept at the right time then I'd explain again and it would just keep going! She eventually gave up and I understand why (and kinda glad she did. Haha!)

So, allow me to share some of the stuff I've managed to gobble in the darkness of the night (and take a photo of. Of course, I don't take photos every night but it would be nice if did, noh? Hihi)

Of course, cereal is a staple. Right now I'm finishing up my Fitnesse box while my sisters munch on Cookie Crisp (which I hate!)
On super lazy days, you just grab a bag of chips and you're good to go! This time I snagged my mom's Cheetos! Hahaha. ;) She'd be surprised to wake up to a half empty bag. :D
I wasn't feeling the cereal one night so I fought away the laziness and plugged in the  "water heater" (I don't know what you cal it), waited a few minutes, poured it in my cup of noodles and ran upstairs with an empty mug. You see I was too bored staring at nothing in the kitchen so I decided I could throw away the water in the mug upstairs. 
Happy Midnight Snack-ing fellow night owls! I'm going to get back to my Modern Family marathon. Ciao!

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Pya said...

wow midnight dinner na yan hindi na snack!