STORY: Modern Wonder

So I have put my The Wonder Years marathon to a temporary halt so I could finally get back on track with Modern Family. And I've got to say that Modern Family seems to be a modern version of TWY. Isn't that an amazing coincidence? My two favorite shows are actually different versions of the same thing. They are both about family and are both filled many quotable quotes that leave you a bit teary eyed after every episode. But of course TWY is more drama and Modern Family is more comedy but still, they are both amazing shows which I love staying up late for. Its because of these shows that I have decided that my new life long dream is to write for a TV show that is of similar format. Maybe a Filipino Modern Family, eh? ;)

P.S. My favorite character in TWY is Kevin Arnold hands down but with Modern Family I'm having a real hard time picking among Manny, Gloria, Phil and Cam. These characters (and the rest of the other characters) are just so colorful and different that its so hard to compare them to each other. It amazes me how the writers manage to fit these outrageous characters together where they fight all the time yet as a viewer still believe that they love each other all the same. Its amazing... amazing!

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