STORY: Not What to Wear but How to Wear!

Its the day after Christmas when all the presents have been bought, wrapped, and then opened. Now, a big problem arises. Well, only if you receive clothes as gifts. 

For the past years that Jose & I spent Christmas together, we would each find ways to buy a gift for each other secretly (which is very difficult to do since we are together all the time!), wrap it and hand it over come Christmas.  This year, we did our gift giving ritual differently. We let each other pick out what he/she wanted then we'd pay for each other's items. Simple. I know it isn't as sweet as surprising each other but at least we were sure that the other really likes what we bought. 

Jose let me pick out clothes and of course, I was hesitant. I do not like Jose buying stuff for me since he does it way too much and all too often. But I figured that he was going to buy some expensive item for me anyway if I declined, so its best I choose what I want already (so I get what I want and he doesn't splurge on something I could well find on sale elsewhere. You know me, Ms. Kuripot).

He gave me a ridiculously "big" budget which I told him was, well, ridiculous! (I didn't follow it and ended up buying just worth a quarter of it) I picked out 2 items (on SALE) then he insisted I pick out some more! He let me try on one item and I liked it. I told him it was nice which was such a wrong move. I forgot to check the price tag (which was pretty pricey for a polo) before I went affirmative... so I couldn't stop Jose from buying it already! Jose knows I pretend not to like something when I see that the item is too expensive so when he gets the chance to catch what I really think of the item, there is no taking it back. Before I knew it, he was staring at me with his angry eyes every time I told him to put the polo back on the rack. Argh. I could've bought a pair of shorts and top for that polo... anyways.

Now that I am stuck with the polo and the other clothes I picked out, the problem is how do I wear them! I am no fashion savvy girl so I just picked out what looked good at the time of fitting. Now I don't know how to match these items with other items! The reason I even thought of blogging about this "experience" is because I had to go to the internet (which meant I could open my blog) to search for the stuff I bought and look at what other people wore it with. Well, my only real problem is the polo Jose bought which is denim looking, the other two I could figure out. But if you have any suggestions for any of the items, go ahead! I'm all ears. :)

"The" Polo

This is my favorite. Simply because its so comfortable and relaxed :)

I picked this out because of the stars and the nice zipper at the back.


Pya said...

I saw the starry dress in Zara last week. Or was it just a look a like? :D

Andy said...

Maybe. This dress is from Zara. ;)