STORY: Sweet Cookie

After our thesis defense last Tuesday, I brought the left-over celebration food to class. Jana, my classmate saw the food and asked me if she could have some. I intended to give that food as "pasalubong" for Jose but since there was more than enough, I told her she could have some. But surprise, surprise, when I looked at the box, all that was left was a squished piece of cassave cake (which I kept calling bibingka by mistake). As usual, I found myself laughing at how Jana turned things around without me knowing.

Last Saturday, Jana handed me a small pack of Chips Ahoy. I asked her what was it for and she told me that it was for taking Jose's pasalubong. What a sweet surprise, right? :) Hihi.

You know, its these little gestures that make you smile a whole lot bigger... so big that I had to take a picture of it and blog about it... because moments like these deserve to be remembered.

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