STORY: What's Happening?

This semester I'm taking up Media Events Management and as the course title says, its all about events, events, events. The semester has just began and our professor gave us our very first events homework. As I have seen from the past batches, home works were usually field stuff, where the students plan events but before we start planning events and actually making those events happen, we were first tasked to attend them... a lot of them actually. Its been a busy week with thesis defense just around the corner so my reaction to this assignment wasn't how my usual self would react. I was sad about the idea.  I would have jumped at the idea of having to go out and have fun as an assignment and even have mom pay for my expenses (since it IS FOR SCHOOL) but I knew that thesis would make this task more of a burden.

I accomplished the assignment but as I have predicted, I didn't enjoy most of the events I went to. I even felt that I just threw money away since I didn't get my money's worth having to rush off to my next to-do. Anyway, here are the events I went to the past week (with the exception of one):

Bloggers United 2
December 3, 2011
Treston International College
Photos by Jose Uy

PAEA's "LOVE ME" Children's Art Exhibit
December 6, 2011
Cultural Center of the Philippines
Photos by Minky Esguerra

World Bazaar Festival
December 8, 2011
World Trade Center
Photos by Jose Uy

Jea's 7th Birthday
August 28, 2011
Jollibee Ortigas 
Photos by Janna Mercado
*This event, accdg to my professor could be from at least 6 months ago

This does not even include the exhibit we were required to go to from the previous week!

December 1, 2011
The Collective, Makati
Photos by Jose Uy

Bumped into some classmates!

Whew! What a week! And did I mention that I, with my thesismates, was able to have our 150-page thesis printed already? Well, if ever I havent, we did. Seems like a lot can happen in a week, huh? Thankfully there's just two more weeks left before Christmas break. I need a break! :)

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