STORY: The Wonder of Wonder Years

"We promised we'd always be together. It was promise filled with passion, and truth, and wisdom. It was a kind of promise that can only come from the hearts of the very young" - Kevin Arnold (narrator), The Wonder Years

So, I've been watching a few episodes of the Wonder Years and decided to skip to the finale. I ended up crying my heart out. Screw Kevin Arnold for making me cry every single time! Hahahaha!

Part 4 of 4. You have to watch it from the beginning to really get the feel of it. I swear, even if you haven't seen the entire series and just started with this one, you'll still be in tears! It goes to show good writing never gets old, great TV shows never get old.

By the way, all these times, I have never gone past the kid Kevin. This would be the first episode of TWY that I see Kevin as a teenager. It was quite shocking for me actually that he lost the squeaky voice (while Winnie pretty much stayed the same). After tomorrow (my thesis defense), I'll be seeing more of you Kevin... and I swear, I shall go through all 115 episodes of you! :)

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