THEORY: Just The Way You Lie

This is a bunch of lies. I swear, Bruno Mars makes some really good songs but most of them, especially this one just gives us false ideals. No guy is like that mainly because no such girl who the song is dedicated to exists! No guy is going to tell his girl that she is beautiful every day because no girl is beautiful every day. Okay, okay so some guys may be like what the song says but its because of one of these three reasons (1) he's lying to make you feel good (2) he's lying since this stupid song makes you sad every time he doesn't live up to the song's ridiculous lyrics or (3) you are Megan Fox.

Your boyfriends will think you're ugly, its just that some guys choose to keep their mouths shut about it. This stupid song just messed everything up. Now every girl out there is imagining their guys to be like Bruno Mars who is drop dead in love with every fart, mole and wrinkle of his girl.

Really, Bruno Mars, I appreciate your music but I hope you could keep to the truth a little bit more. Thanks.

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