THEORY: New Year's Resolutions

I have never written a New Year's Resolution in my life. Actually I have never even given it much thought. Usually at the end of the year I just reminisce on the year that has been and think of how I'm going to go about the new one. Now that I think of it, I do make resolutions but not at the end of the year rather during the start of the school year (around June here in the Philippines). That seems to make much more sense to me actually. I mean, what's the point of listing things you'd like to do differently when come January you'd still be surrounded by the same people, same classes, same environment and basically the same life? But when a new school year begins, you truly can start fresh. Make all the things right from the last school year since you have a clean slate to begin with.

Then again, maybe this is just a student thing. Once you are working there is no school year, you just have "a year." Since I'm assuming that by this time next year I won't have a school year to wait for, its best I get comfortable with working on my resolutions at the end of the year, like everyone else does.

Before I proceed, another reason I am not fond of resolutions is because it just sets a bar that you have to meet, which technically is something you just made up. Now you end up with "failures" if you don't attain what you set out to do when you could have just lived another year just being the best you can be. No measuring, no list to follow, just living your life the best way you know how. Now isn't that nice?

But again, resolutions do give direction. And for those of us who have awaken from the dream that we will always have another year to get it right, resolutions are very helpful. When you are at your 20s you realize that there is no more life ahead because this is life already. You better start getting things done, moving and right. So here we go.

  1. Be more patient. I am not the best at controlling my temper. I snap at the pettiest things and say the meanest comments that I regret as soon as my head cools down. Its a blessing that the people around me have gotten used to this terrible attitude of mine but that is still no excuse. And now that I'm going to be widening my social circle, I think being calm and nice is a very important factor to make friends. 
  2. Explore food. I always say I'm not a picky eater because I eat basically everything... well, everything I expose myself to. I shy away from dishes I am not familiar with so my taste palette is very naive. Goodness, I'm 20 and I think I've eaten my entire lifetime's limit on burgers, fries and steaks. Oh, I think I'm about to reach my limit on Chinese food as well.
  3. Learn an instrument. I have been putting this thing off for way too long. Now its just pretty embarrassing to pursue since I'm going be the oldest person when I take lessons but that won't be stopping me. I think its a great thing to know how to play an instrument. I am not a music junkie but I appreciate how music speaks for us when words won't suffice. I have my heart set out on piano so fingers crossed that my fingers get a hold of those black and white keys soon. 
  4. Fix my closet. I'd like to have a wardrobe that I won't have to stare at for an hour every morning and end up saying that I have nothing wear. I want to get rid of all the clothes (and shoes) that I keep just so I feel that I have a lot of clothes (and shoes). Some of the clothes I have outgrown already, figuratively. When I see those clothes I think to myself, "What was I thinking when I wore this?" and yet those clothes are still in my closet! Its a good thing I'll be starting work some time next year which will give me a good excuse to overhaul my entire wardrobe. 
  5. Be humble. I admit, I am not the most humble of people. I try to say sorry but its harder than you think. I want to, but its my body that won't cooperate. My tongue just rolls back and becomes shorter than it already is. I know I'm in the wrong and I admit that... to myself, in my head. Now I have to learn how to say it out loud especially to the person/s I've done wrong to. I think people have brushed off my mistakes too many times already and my making up for it by being super nice or giving gifts isn't going to save me anymore... and with that I mean save me from myself. I demand myself to say the S word personally, not through text, email or phone, but face to face. (God, did I just set myself for suicide just there?) 
  6. Buy an appliance for the family. Yup, you heard that right. Since I am assuming that I'd be a working gal next year, I want to be able to make one big purchase for the family - be it a television set, a computer, a gas range, whatever. Just something big and for the family. It's like my tribute to them for living with me and living by me all these years so that I may get this (that) far. 
  7. Exercise. The days when I brush all health concerns under my bed has finally come to an end. The nights of staying up until 5 am and waking up at noon, eating a bunch of greasy fast food and jumping into bed right after, and finding all means of avoiding running or walking is finally over. I better get myself into shape and into the habit of anything healthy because I have seen way too many people who regret all those fries and milkshakes when they are in their 40s and all they can eat are mushy green peas or bland steamed fish. This is going to be very difficult for me but I believe this will help me in the long run and there is no better time to start but now (well, let's start after graduation, okay? Give me the last 4-5 months of unhealthy living, okay?)
  8. Smile and let loose. I need to just be happy more often and smile. More than just it making me age faster, it makes me ward off potential friends for life. This may seem like the easiest on the list but for someone whose happy face comes off as a sad face all the time, this may be the most difficult. Wish me luck on this one.

Whew. These are just the things on the top of my head now, I might add some later on (hopefully not) but until then let's just hope I get started on those on the list and make them all happen in the new year. What are your new year resolutions? :)

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