THEORY: Note to Self

I don't admit it all too often but I have this terrible habit of letting off steam by throwing all my anger on innocent by standers. Usually these are people closest to my heart, like my sisters and parents but most of the time its my lovey doves (ew, did I just say that? Haha). Basically since I'm with him more often and I talk to him about my day (irritating and annoying parts included) all the time he gets most of the "action."

He always points this out to me when I become very unreasonable and my level of "letting off steam" has gone too far but I never truly realize that truth of what his saying until I've gone all crazy already. I even get mad at him for getting mad at me! I mean, he doesn't deserve any of my anger in the first place so I should be grateful that he is willing to absorb some of it. I'm such a crazy person to handle really so I am amazed that this guy has managed so far.

So while I'm still in my sane mode and still feeling pleasantly happy with life, I'm making a note to my self reminding me that I should control my temper and that I should remember that it is not his fault (your brain is just all fogged up with frustration you are feeling so you wire yourself to believe that you are angry AT him and he is the CAUSE of your anger... calm down, he is not... most times).

He was, and still is not a big fan of pictures.
I wish he would take more photos of me though if he doesn't want me taking photos of him all the time! Hahaha. 

Mysterious effect
So, those are 4 left feet right there. ;)
Moments like these (above), when we are not bickering are rare and I admit that most of the bickering is my temper's fault. So sorry in advance (because I doubt i'll be saying sorry when i'm already too mad to think straight). But then again, if we were at peace all of the time then it wouldn't be so special would it? So my temper did something good there, huh? ;)) Hahaha!

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