THEORY: Silent Killer

I do not like saying what is wrong. If there is something wrong and one can figure out that things aren't the way it should be, then one can pretty much figure out why it became that way. I know, I know asking people to be mind readers is unfair but I don't want people to read my mind, I want them to trace back. If one would just take the time to look back and find that instance when things changed, then one would find out why I'm mad! It's that simple. People who just keep asking what's wrong and get pissed at me for not saying it are just plain lazy and not worth my forgiveness (if they do ask for it). If they are too lazy to find out what's wrong then I shouldn't put much of an effort to make things okay, should I? *At this point I'd like to clear out that I am this way when the person asking is the person I'm pissed at. If someone asks me what's wrong and has nothing to do with why I'm pissed, I wouldn't react this way. Just saying.

Well, that's just me I guess. It just irritates me so much that I have to tell people why I'm mad. Its like having to declare to the world why I'm surprised when a big cockroach just flew in front of me, why I'm happy when big box of DVDs are in my hand, why I'm tired when you see me typing in thesis! I know, I know it isn't exactly the same or as easy as those but I do give hints about why I'm mad. I'd just really appreciate it if people would take an effort to realize why I'm so pissed especially when it is the person I'm pissed at who's asking! I mean, you were there when it happened, right? Why don't you know?

So most times my original anger is made even more intense by the constant asking why I am so hot headed! I am not very good at holding my temper and the slightest things tick me off like the nagging and the questioning. When I reach my boiling point (and I do reach this pretty quickly), it gets pretty hard to cool me down. So its better that you calm me down before that happens because it would take a longer (and more difficult) time to make things okay again. Ugh.

If you think I'm going to get tired of this silent treatment thing and just go ahead and say what's wrong, you're fooling yourself. I've been this way for years and there are still things I have left unsaid and the people who have pissed me off still do not know to this day why I got pissed at them years back. We just buried those things in the past and moved on. But seriously, if you just read my blog, everything's here. "Reading my mind" as you call it is really, really easy. You just got to stop being lazy.

Yeah, you've got a silent killer right here. I ain't speaking and if that is killing you and you still can't figure things out, the best you could do is woo me. And I'm not easily wooed but I dare you to try that as well. ;) Mwahahahahahaha.

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