THEORY: Stylist Scarcity

I have been seeing the Whisper commercial a lot these past days which stars the latest tween stars of ABSCBN and the first thing that enters my mind (and sadly the last thing to leave) is how ridiculous the outfits the stylist (if there is one) made those poor girls wear!

The first version is forgivable even with the suspenders-shorts combo (shorts that seem to be riding up the girl's you-know-what way too much) and the pinkish white belt - opaque thigh high stockings - white skirt ensemble (which they just had to add the tacky headband and bracelets to). Its because the girls at least had presentable hair. Kathryn had her hair in a side pony while Julia had hers tied back with a little poof on top.


But the second version is just unacceptable. Not only did they kick the "eek-ness" of the outfits up to a whole new level, the stylist (again, if there is one) managed to ruin the only thing right from the first one -  the hair! Look at the pig tails of Julia which are terribly curled. I want to run my fingers through those locks so bad just so it would be a tad better. The "longganisa" look they did on Kathryn is well, as the name implies, just longganisa. And I don't think longganisa was ever meant to inspire hair styles.

I think there may be a scarcity of stylists in the biz, with Liz Uy monopolizing the position. So for all those aspiring stylists and self confessed fashionistas, I think there are a lot of job openings right about now so grab them, please! And please start with Whisper. Thanks. :)

(I am no fashionista, I'm just saying. I do not mean to be mean, I just want to express this feeling I've been holding in for days (every time the commercial is on!) You can always disagree, you know.)

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