STORY: Ac-count me in!

When you are an advertising student, you can't help but have this dream account. The product or company that is known to put a lot of effort in their advertisements (content and budget wise of course) and that you would like to make an ad or campaign for. For the longest time, my dream account was McDonalds. I always believed that if I get that account, I had made it. That I have reached my goal as an advertiser. 

But throughout my 4 years of college, I noticed that despite my goal of making Mcdonalds my account, I have always had this longing to work for the Department of Tourism and make one of those Biyahe Na videos with the song of the same title I can't get out of my head. The longing became even stronger when I saw Malaysia's tourism videos on Star World. I keep saying to myself that the Philippines is just as beautiful, we just need to make a campaign that is just as convincing as that of Malaysia's.

The original Biyahe Tayo music video

And now that DOT is in constant attack these past months because of its failed efforts in finding a replacement for the already brilliant slogan Wow Philippines that they changed, I am all the more eager to get in that office and share whatever I can share to help. For me, the original slogan was simple and catchy and everyone could understand it. Who couldn't understand Wow, right? I don't understand why they had to change it. But we can't do anything about that now. The fact is that they changed it. The saddest part (for me) was that the replacement wasn't the least bit catchy - Pilipinas Kay Ganda. If you were to use that internationally, you'd have to translate it and blah blah blah. I don't like to list down all the things I find wrong with this because as of now, I'd just really like to exert all my effort in thinking of a better way to promote the Philippines... which must be pretty easy since the country is amazing!

They changed the slogan again and ended up with Pilipinas, Tara na which resulted in the production of an updated version of the video I was talking about earlier. Versions actually. And I've got to say, the magic of that song is still there. DOT struck gold with that campaign, I wish they had just developed it and improved it instead of totally changing the entire campaign. Its a consolation that they revisited something that worked which is the music video.

But the story isn't over. The DOT launched yet again their newest slogan, It's more fun in the Philippines. An ad agency came up with the slogan this time which produced a better slogan than the one before it. However, the slogan was not without issues (again!) Apparently, the slogan was used by the Tourism department of Switzerland in the 50s and it goes like this: Its more fun in Switzerland. But despite this issue, the new slogan is scattering like wildfire on Facebook and everyone seems to like it. As for me, if it makes people happy and it makes the Philippines look as good as it truly is, I'm good. But still, seeing all these developments in the DOT campaign just made my longing to work them even stronger. So strong that my new dream account is DOT. Anyone around the world can brag that they've worked for McDonald's or Coke but only a Filipino can have the chance to say that they've made a campaign for the country. Plus, I heard getting to travel is part of the job. Now, ain't that truly a dream! 

P.S. Since we are talking about DOT, they're logo is also one of the many things they were attacked for. But that deserves another post! Just let me find the file of the logo I made. Hihi

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