STORY: Cool story, brow

I wear make up but I can live without it. i can walk out of the house completely bare and not worry about a thing... that is until I discovered eye brow pencil. Now its something I always have to put on. Never mind everything else, I just need my eye brow pencil.

However, my one and only brow pencil has finally reached its end... literally. I am so cheap that to get the most of my pricey brow pencil (yes, I found 399.00 pricey for a brow pencil that is about 3 inches long) I continue to use it even if it just half an inch long. When I finally decided to get a new one since the cover is now longer than the entire pencil, Maybelline no longer has stock of the darn thing. All stores will start releasing their new stocks of brow pencil by the summer (daw) and I can't wait that long! I've tried buying a cheaper brand but the color turned out more reddish than brown. People even commented I looked like an old lady!
Notice I drew one of my eye brows in already. See the difference!
So I tried finding another brand to fill in for my beloved Maybelline brow pencil. I stumbled upon Body Shop just a few days ago and found a brow definer that is of similar shade to the brow pencil I am using. I immediately got hold of it and got shocked to find out it costs close to 600.00! P595.00 to be exact. It is about 6 inches long though so I'm hoping its worth the price. My 3 inch pencil lasted me almost a year (and I use that everyday more than twice!) so I'm expecting this new one to last even longer. Hihi.

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