STORY: The Final Day of 2011 Part 1

I hope you got that my title was a play on how finales should not have parts which as we have witnessed with Harry Potter and Twilight is a rule that can be broken. Apparently, we can have two finales.

Anyways, this story really has two parts since I celebrated new year in two different places with two different sets of people. This is new for me since we would always spend new year in one place. We would usually spend Christmas with my dad's family then New Year's with my mom's family. We also used to do it the other way around. Christmas with my mom's and New Year's with my dad's. But this time, we celebrated new year we both families! I guess we could always start new traditions, eh?

We started the last day of 2011 pretty late. Mom, Jose and I headed off to Savemore in Sta. Ana to buy some last minute additions to our Media Noche feasts - yes, feasts. One for Laguna (mom's) and Manila (dad's). We couldn't find the sausages dad wanted so we ended up going to Puregold instead. We also dropped by Buddy's to order some sotanghon and Cassava Cake. 

We left Manila at around 5pm. Jose and I went ahead then Dad and the rest of the family followed a few minutes later as soon as mom has secured the entire house. But surprise, surprise, when we got to the toll gate, dad was already there! Jose kept insisting that dad got ahead of him because we had to stop for gas but I think that Dad just really drives fast... and when I say fast, I mean fast.

When we got to Laguna, we started preparing the food. But we had to wait for Tito Archie who bought the Lechon and all the seafood for grilling before we could dig in.

Mom opening the Lechon. The lechon wasn't very big but it cost P6,000! I guess its because its New Years already that the price went that high.
This is Jose's second New Year at Laguna
 Of course we had to take pictures with the food before it disappears! There was a lot to feast on which I gobbled in non stop. It was a bad idea since I didn't leave enough space for the feast waiting back in Manila. Anyways...

Before we started to dig in!
Lechon, Sotanghon, Grilled Liempo, Lumpiang Shanghai, Creamy Vegetables, Grilled Tahong,  Grilled Fish, Puto, Cassava Cake. It's a feast!
The first generation family! Lolo, honeylo and their 3 kids
With the second generation kids and you've got the whole family from my mom's side. We are a small family. :) I guess we are waiting for a third generation then? haha.
With Jose. 
With Mother dear
With Jinin.
Its nice that in our family everyone has someone their age and for me, its her. We basically grew up together until we reached our teens and figured we had different interests. But still, she is a bunch of fun to be with. Hope we could hang out together like we did when we were younger.
Cousins. See how even everything is? 4 kids in our family, 4 in theirs! We have 1 boy and they have 1 girl! 
Jose and I left Laguna at around 9pm so we could drop by his place. His lola was staying over at their house for New Year's eve and they had their own small celebration (his family doesn't make as big a fuss over family get togethers as we do). Dad and the rest of the family passed by Jose's house at around 1030pm to pick me up. From there we headed home and started preparing for celebration number 2.

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