STORY: Gerry is Grilled

After seeing two films from the MMFF, Jose & I looked for a place to eat. And this my friends is not an easy task. We would each tell the other where ever is fine but when one suggests a place, the other would cringe or say an "okay" which we both know is not really okay. However, this night we agreed that we both wanted some sisig (I am a newbie to sisig by the way. I have only learned to eat sisig this year!) We agreed that we would like some of Gerry's Grill's yummy sisig so off we went to find it in the hugeness of Mall of Asia.

I was going for the messy bun but it ended up just looking messy. :/
We finally got to Gerry's Grill with very hungry tummies. The place was jam packed and there were still 6 people ahead of us on the waiting list. However, when I checked the list I saw that they were mostly groups of 8-10 so we had a good chance of getting seated ahead of them. I was right. We sat at the waiting area for about 10 minutes and then we were called right in. However, that wasn't the end of our waiting. The waiters were running around like crazy so getting one of them to attend to us was a challenge. After we were finally able to place our orders, we waited for a pretty long while again.

 I'm pretty patient when it comes to things like these but Jose isn't. He gets bored and irritated when he has to wait too long. I would usually distract him so he doesn't notice how long it has been but in this case, I was hungry so I was impatient with him. We kept our cool though and just took pictures to while away the time. We also discussed the films we watched. Yes, we discussed.

The molo soup was served first. It tasted sour so Jose had it checked if it was still okay. It turns out that it was okay, it was just meant to taste that way. I sipped the soup but didn't care much for the sour molo.

Molo Soup
 We also ordered bagoong rice which is my favorite kind of rice next to Yang Chow of course. I've tasted a lot of Bagoong Rice from different restaurants already and this one won't fit in my top 5. It wasn't bad but it wasn't very good either. The serving was also very puny for the price.

Bagoong Rice
 One of the reasons we ended up eating here was because we were tired of fried food. So its obvious we ordered grilled stuff which is logical since the place is aptly called Gerry's Grill.

Grilled Chicken
 Another reason we went here was because of the sisig. The first time I tasted sisig from Gerry's was at their branch at Blue Wave. I couldn't stop raving about how yummy it was and how the chicharon on top was so crunchy. So I had high expectations for the sisig and as the other items we ordered, the dish fell short of my expectation. It was very bitter! Most of the sisig got burnt from the sizzling plate already by the time the plate got to our table. We weren't able to finish it because the bottom part was too bitter to handle already.

Sizzling Sisig
 The best part for me was the tuna belly. Jose didn't like it but I thought it was good enough. I've had better, but this one tasted good, too. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Grilled Tuna Belly
I guess some branches are just better than the others. But I guess I understand why the food wasn't as good as it should've. The place was jampacked so the servers were probably too frantic to check the quality.But then again, that's no excuse in the food business, right? Next time I start craving for Gerry's Grill's sisig, I guess I best head over to Blue Wave instead. Or maybe find some other joint to satisfy my cravings. Any suggestions?

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