STORY: Hit the Lights!

I don't know why I have to constantly put a disclaimer in my posts about Selena Gomez that I am not a fan. I just don't know. I'm not trying to be cool and say that she's not cool enough to be idolized, there is just something about her (and I'm not saying that its something WRONG) that I am not really liking. So there, I am not a fan. Okay? Well, a super fan at least. Anyway...

Selena Gomez was featured on a Videoscope episode on Channel V and as the first songs started playing, I found myself answering my question of why I am not a fan. Most of her songs were the typical teen bubblegum pop type with lyrics repeating itself to infinity or until the song ends... you know, whichever comes first. But as the episode progressed, I found myself liking some of her songs. Who Says is one of it although I had an initial disliking to the tune. Maybe the constant blasting of the song on TV and Radio have changed my opinion of it. I also really liked I Love You Like a Love Song which is my favorite song from her ( I also really like the music video especially the Hula hoop part). 

But I stopped to listen to the last song of the episode which is her latest song, Hit The Lights. I have been hearing it for a while already and actually thought it was her version of Jay Sean's Hit the Lights at first. I don't like the tune of the chorus but the verses sounded pretty good. Plus her voice is huskier and deeper in this song which I like. But what got me caught was when I listened to the lyrics. One part really struck me and that was what made this song a winner, well semi-winner. Hihi

"It's all the money the you're saving
While the good life passes by"

This part got me thinking and made me realize how many people make this mistake - saving too much, thinking about tomorrow too much and letting their lives pass them by. But then again, it got me thinking about how many people live by this belief - living like there is no tomorrow - and end up having no tomorrow to live for. 

It got me thinking of how I was going to live my life. How much I was willing to spend on living for today and how much I was willing to save for tomorrow. These are hard decisions and though the song passes it on as just another line in the lyrics, these decisions are the ones we have to make and what will change our lives in the long run. If only it were as easy as hitting the lights... if only. 

For now, let me enjoy the song by hitting the play button already. ;)

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