STORY: I'm Lavigne Her

I caught an episode of Videoscope on Channel V featuring Avril Lavigne and I went into instant flashback mode as the show continued. The moment Complicated started playing, I found myself singing to it with every word still in my head! I remember memorizing Sk8er Boy, Girlfriend, and a lot more.

As I watched each of her videos, I saw her evolution as an artist. From the teen full of angst to the 20-something punk princess having fun and to the now more serious and dark adult she has become. I have never been a super fan of hers but somehow watching her grow up made me realize how much I've grown as well and how she has somehow become part of that.

And its not just her, all the other musicians whose songs I sang to at one point in my life have all been part of my growth somehow. And I thank them for it. For writing songs for my young heart to sing to when I couldn't understand what I was feeling back then, for writing songs I could listen to during the nights I felt my problems were the end of the world and for writing songs that welcomed me back to sanity when I eventually realize I was just going through a phase which did pass.

Musicians, the true ones who are in the business for the love of music, should keep doing what they're doing. They might have contributed to my life in minor ways, but they will never know when their songs might help someone's life. And I believe that their songs do have the ability to do that. And that is something precious musicians have in their hands... and it is just disguised as a really cool guitar (that they smash in music videos which is also totally cool).

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