STORY: The Last Day of 2011 Part 2

The moment we got home from celebration part 1, I started cooking the sausages and hotdogs. Mom started reheating her sopas and we prepared the table. After about 30 minutes, the gang arrived armed with a ton of food!

It was sad that my stomach was already full so I wasn't able to eat as much as I wanted to. After an hour or two, I started to dig in though. Haha. I especially enjoyed my cousin's mini burgers that looked a lot like Krabby Patties.

Mini Burgers, Glazed Ham, Rum Cake, Sausages, Hotdog, Rosemary Chicken, Pasta (I dont know what pasta that is), and ingredients to make Nachos and Tacos (See the ground beef, the tomatoes and onions in the containers? There is also melted cheese which is not in the photo). They also brought bags and bags of doritos to munch on the entire night.
Since we started the night at around 11pm already, we didn't wait very long to get started on the fireworks. Come 1130pm, all the kids started lighting the sparklers and roman candles. Around quarter to 12, the bigger kids started lighting the big fireworks and it was amazing to watch. The people around the neighborhood even went out to the streets to watch all the fireworks my cousins were firing one after the other.

Sam wore his mask for the entire night! 
Allea kept asking me to take a full body picture because she loved her boots so much! ;)
Our neighbor, whose business is lights and sounds equipment, provided the music for the night. It was great since not many of the neighbors went all out with the firecrackers this year. At least with the music, you couldn't feel how quiet the place really was. Here, I caught Joshua dancing to the music.
Mom wanted to do something special for this celebration so she asked everyone to wear a headpiece for the night. Tita Ann's family brought their own but mom provided most of the head wear for the night. It was nice to see everyone in wigs, hats and everything in between. 

This is all of us (from my dad's side) except for the eldest grandson who was still on the way by this time. Again, like in my previous post, we are a small family. This is all of it, people. Hihi.
These are the girls next to me and my cousin Celine. Allea is 12 and Bellai is 13. Oh how that used to be and Cellina and they used to be in diapers. Now look at them! Haha 
Diego and Sammy are growing up quickly, too!
The 2nd batch of cousins!
The first batch includes Kuya Gino 28, Kuya Mac 23, Celine 20, Me 20 and Enzo 16.
At the stroke of midnight, Tita Ann wanted everyone to toast... kids included which is why she bought some non alcoholic sparkling wine. She even bought plastic wine glasses for the kids. But with the chaos going on with people running here and there and fireworks popping left and right, the sparkling got mixed with Martini and dad ended up serving Martini to the kids! The kids were complaining about the yucky taste of what they were drinking and we would keep telling them that it was just sparkling wine but it turns out we were wrong! Dad had figured out the mistake after the kids have already gotten a sip from their glasses. So we just let them finish their glass and proceeded to toast for the new year.

Sparkling wine? Haha.
 After everyone has calmed down and the last firecracker was lit, everyone went inside for a game of bingo! Everyone joined which meant chaos! No one could hear anyone during the first 10 minutes but it was a good thing order finally settled in. Tita Ann won the first game (P150 + a big pack of M&Ms), Allea the second (P200 + a big pack of M&Ms) and Bellai the third (A pack of Hershey's Kisses).

Eventually we got bored with Bingo and just sat down and talk. One by one the kids got knocked out. Joaquin (3) was the first to go followed by Amanda (7) and then Joshua (8), The Abayas left the building with the kids Sam & Diego at around 4am. The Arcanos slept over and decided to pack up for their house the next day. 

Those of us left behind ended up playing Monopoly Deal. It was my first time playing so Celine and Bellai had to explain the mechanics to me first. Once I got the hang of it, I found myself enjoying it and actually getting really competitive. It was a fun night, I mean day. Its been a long time since I spent time with my cousins (which I used to do often years ago) so this was a nice thing to do again.

I don't know about you guys out there but this has been the best New Year's celebration I could remember. I got to spend it with all my cousins (both sides) and all my aunts and uncles. I haven't felt this happy with family celebrations in a long time. I guess this is a sign that 2012 is truly going to be an amazing year. I can feel it already.

I bet 2012 has a song about it because its going to be that awesome. This will be my year, I swear! Happy New Year everyone! May God bless us all!

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