STORY: Music Videos

From what I know, music video history isn't from that long ago. It started in the 1980s and I believe I even blogged about the first music video ever to air on MTV. And from what my mind tells me, music videos came to being because it was supposed to enrich the musical experience. Although there are negative effects of music videos (like people don't listen to the lyrics as much), over all I think it allowed the artist to better express his/her musical thoughts through visuals. 

Fast forward to today where music videos may have lost its original purpose (well, some still respect the medium). It is now invaded by advertisements and artists trying so hard to look cool. Never mind that the product has nothing to do with the song, never mind that the outfit the artist is wearing is totally inappropriate for the mood and never mind that the music video could have had another song totally and it wouldn't matter.  Just. Never. Mind. 

Actually, I could live with music videos that don't fit songs and don't fulfill the purpose of enriching the musical experience since I could treat it as another form of entertainment, you know, like watching youtube videos of home videos gone wrong. But what I can't forgive is for a beautiful song with such good lyrics to have a terrible music video. I think a good song deserves a good music video or it shouldn't have one at all. Just let the music speak for itself rather than ruin it with a lousy video. I'm not even asking for a brilliant music video, just at least an appropriate one. Like this music video for Jessie J's Price Tag. I really liked the message of the song even if there are "bad words" here and there which is why having to hear it with a music video of the total opposite of the message is just heartbreaking. I just hope the music video was being sarcastic. I really do hope. But then again, this maybe just me trying to defend the singer's choice of donning heels and fancy clothes when she has such a good song under her name. Haaay.

But then again, we still have music videos like this of Selena Gomez' hit, I Love You Like a Love Song. The song isn't that great (but it is catchy) but the music video made it better. The video isn't totally like what the song says but I never said music videos had to be literal. For me, it just has to be related to the song. I appreciate it when music videos are creative and interpretative, you know, treated like art. I just hate it when the music video is made to make the artist look cool or pretty or bad ass. I just hate it. The music video should always still be about the music. Anyway, back to Selena... I like how the video is surreal and Selena was willing to be ugly pretty (Yes, lets thank Tyra for that term) for some of the shots. I really like girls who are willing to look ugly... for me they look even prettier. And though I'm not a fan of Selena, I found myself singing to this song and letting out a few praises for her throughout the music video. The music video was creative and somehow related to the song. See! Is that so hard to do? :) 

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