STORY: Skipping the Regular

This is a very late post. I thought I shouldn't blog about it but I still really like to share the experience... so there. This was last Dec. 23.

After dropping by my dad's christmas party, my mom, siblings and I went off to Landmark and Glorietta to buy some last minute Christmas supplies. I was also able to buy some gifts for my High School friends - Singherz, Rosa and Menchee (I haven't given any of the gifts to them because I haven't got the chance to swing by their houses to give them). 

That's me in the right using Dad's laptop
 When we got to Landmark there was a gimmick going on where there were dancing reindeer and elves. Amanda stopped to take a photo before we headed to Glorietta and rush to Timezone already.

Allea and I shared to buy 200 pesos load for our Timezone card. We both were so eager to play Dance Dance Revolution already. She was the one who introduced me to the game and I've been itching to play it again ever since! Since then, this was the only chance we got to step on the game together again.

I sucked big time but I didn't care coz I was having way too much fun. Haha!
Sorry for the lousy quality. I had to resize it so I can upload it faster.

As much as we wanted to continue playing, there were other people waiting for a turn. We decided we let them play first and we get back to playing DDR after their turn. We never got to play again since the people we let use the machine let another pair of players get on the machine who hogged the thing for the next hour and a half. It was a good thing I guess since the players that followed us were extremely better and Allea & I were able to discover a new game whilst waiting for the machine to be vacant. It wasn't DDR but it was a close second plus no one was waiting for a turn so Allea and I played this thing until our arms were sore. It was fun though!


On the other hand, Enzo and Amanda had their own card and had their own business. When we met up when both our cards were drained, I found out Enzo got 1, 300 powertickets! Amazing. That's the most number of tickets I've seen personally in one visit ever! Enzo was lucky enough to get the jackpot of 1000 tickets in one game and he gave all the tickets for Amanda to redeem at the station. It was his advanced birthday gift to Amanda already. She got a lot of good stiff with those tickets.

After tiring ourselves at Timezone, we headed off to dinner where Jose joined us. He followed us to Makati after he joined their company's Christmas party. We ended up heading over to Tender Bob's which I have blogged about a lot of times already. I think Tender Bob's should start paying me for promoting them. Haha.

 I have eaten at Tender Bob's quite a few times already but I have always ordered the same thing. Sure i would taste what my family or Jose would order but my order always remains the same - a quarter pound burger, medium well with onion rings on the side plus Chicken Tenders Buffalo style to warm me up. As much as I enjoy my regular, I wanted to try something different this time. I was hesitant at first but I pushed myself to order the Fish Fillet with Angus Rice and steamed vegetables. It ended up being a great decision since the serving was great and it tasted delish! Sauce included.

Fish Fillet (You can choose any of the sidings in the menu, I chose Angus Rice)
US Angus Rib Eye Steak - Allea's
OpenFace Roastbeef Sandwich with Onion Rings (You can opt for fries) - Enzo's
Chicken Steak with Steamed Rice and mixed vegetables plus gravy - Jose's
Quarter pound burger with fries
Amanda ended up ordering my regular which I watched her gobble up real quick! Amanda doesn't eat much so we were all surprised when we saw her finish up the entire burger! I wasn't even able to finish my burger the first time but she did! Haha.

It was a good thing mom ordered the Chicken Tenders so I didn't miss my regular all too much. :)

Jose filling in for Daddy who stayed behind at his Christmas Party back at the office
 We sat for a while to let the food sink in. We were all stuffed!

Amanda has such a pretty smile. I wish her teeth would grow already! 

We're all full and ready to go home. And that is just the beginning of many "stuffed" nights we were going to have. Yey for food overload! :)

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