STORY: To the good life!

A few days ago I had my exit interview (meaning the last interview in my entire stay in college) with my guidance counselor, Ms. Dakis and I left the room very happy and inspired. After an hour and a half of talking, I realized how good I had it. She made me talk about all the aspects of my life and as I shared her my story, we both noticed I had no major problems in any part of it. It felt weird to have no problems, really. I got so used to having something to worry about that the thought of my life actually being very good was a surprise... a very pleasant surprise.

I actually loved my life in a way I have never felt before. I always knew I should be grateful for all the things I am blessed with but I never really felt that I loved my life, I loved being me. But for about an hour after leaving Ms. Dakis' consultation room, I was so sure I didn't want anyone else's life but mine. It was a nice feeling and I wish I had it more often.

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