STORY: Try Andy, Try!

Jose and I went to church at St. John Bosco Parish on the first Sunday of the year. We didn't go to St. Alphonsus where we usually go since we were running late and I didn't want to be late to mass on the first day of the year. Mom and my siblings all went to my cousin's house in San Juan for some post New Year get together (even if they were just with each other earlier celebrating New Year) so Jose and I opted to eat dinner out since there wouldn't people home except for dad. Dad ate all the left overs from the New Year's eve feast.

Staying true to my new year's resolution of exploring food, I told Jose that I was willing to eat seafood this night. Jose immediately suggested we try Bubba Gump which he has wanted to dine at for a long time. Knowing my dislike of seafood, he never asked me to eat at the place though he mentions the place time to time. Well, tonight we were both finally going to try the famous Bubba Gump (my mom and sister keep raviing about this place).

Jose had his mags painted yellow
Jose was quite hesitant to allow me to order shrimp since he knows how much I hate them. I can't even stand the smell of those little sea monsters! Haha. He was afraid that I end up eating nothing and suggested that I order some fish instead. He'd order shrimp and I can eat some from his plate. But I told him that I must learn to eat seafood. I'm not allergic or anything I just don't like it! I don't like the smell or the taste of it, well, except for fish. So if its will that is stopping me from eating, then its will that's going to get me to eat as well.

The place has this cool beach shack vibe. Actually the entire place is based on the film Forrest  Gump so the decor is inspired by the film.
Jose checking out the menu. We sat opposite each other since the bunk was just enough for one!
So much to choose from... I couldn't decide!
One quick photo before our food arrives
Jose made a delicious pick with this one. Its Louisiana Blue Lemonade. It tasted very nice since it was ice cold. The hint of Vodka gave the drink just the right kick.
taking my first bite! Fingers crossed I get it down my throat! Haha

Since we couldn't decide what kind of shrimp to try, we ordered the Shrimper's Heaven which includes 4 different kinds of shrimp served with fries and dips. It was a good decision since I liked almost all of the shrimp! The dips were also great. I especially loved the shrimp behind the tempura in the photo below. I think its the hand breaded coconut shrimp. I'm not sure. The only shrimp I didn't like was the plain fried shrimp. I tried to eat it but I ended up spitting it out. Without the breading, the seafood-ness of it is too overwhelming for me. Yuck! But I'm proud of myself for trying and i'm hoping that I'll get to try more kinds of food throughout the year.

Shrimper's Heaven
I forgot what dish is called but it is extremely yummy. It comes with 3 pieces of fish fillet, mashed potatoes (which are super yummy - one of the best mashed potatoes I've ever had), shrimp with the buttery sauce all topped with shoe string potatoes. 
I couldn't help but share my amazing achievement on facebook already! That's me uploading a photo thru the free WiFi.
I took a picture with the bench with matching running shoes outside the restaurant. The shoes look real, huh?
It was a nice meal and an even nicer night. Jose and I were very pleasant to each other which is very rare, really. Haha. We always bicker about something at one point then just make up over dinner but this night was surprisingly calm and just happy. Its hopefully a sign that this year, our 4th year together, is going to be as calm and happy as well. :)

Peace and love! :)
That was a really nice way to start the year. I hope all of you had an equally amazing January 1st! :) Again, Happy New Year and may God bless us all! :D

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