THEORY: To writing and travelling!

Some tweets I don't want to get buried and forgotten. Let us immortalize through this post, shall we?

On the first post, I do like blogging because as I have already experienced, the habit allows me to forever remember moments. Moments that my limited memory prohibits me from remembering forever. But once I read my blog, all the emotions come rushing back and the feeling is indescribable. A good indescribable.

On the second post, I just noticed that travelling the world was never really one of my life long dreams, although it somehow falls under one of my other dreams (to be a travel show host). When I reflect on the things I dream of accomplishing, it would often revolve around accomplishing things professionally or finally doing things I keep putting off (like take lessons for an instrument or another language). Just saying. I guess from a psychiatrist's point of view, this is saying a lot about me huh? I just hope I understood what this means... I've always enjoyed being "understood" by counselors. Hahaha. I guess I'm just too weird to understand myself I want other people to help me! :P

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