STORY: Early bird

For the past weeks, months even, I have been going home late. I would get home when the sun is already down and its almost time for dinner. Right now, I couldn't really remember why I always end up going home late but I do know that I wasn't doing nothing. For the past weeks, I often found myself busy with something but its all a blur as of now.

Anyway, today I got home while the sun was still pretty high up. Its crazy how something as mundane as going home early becomes something special all of a sudden. I'm actually pretty surprised that after a good 2-3 hours on the internet, I look around and still see some rays of light going through my curtains! I usually go online late at night up to the wee hours of the morning so having to see that its still daytime is quite odd to me. It quite scary actually that the mere sight of sunlight is something new to me now. I guess I've been living in the dark these past weeks (literally and figuratively). Haha!

I guess this calls for a celebration and I shall celebrate by wasting a few minutes (because I do have time to spare) on taking snapshots of myself with natural light. YES, NATURAL LIGHT! :P

But of course, after a few minutes of vanity its back to editing, editing, editing. Here's hoping that getting home early means more work done by the end of the day! ;) Fingers crossed!

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