STORY: School Overload

I haven't blogged about school in ages!  A lot of important events happened since my last school-related post and its quite sad if I still blog about all of them one by one so let me just share them in brief in this post, okay?

So there was Obra Kulasa, the event every MassCom senior has to stage where they present their thesis to the public. Our Obra was amazing! We had a fine dining theme and everyone went as waitresses serving their dishes a.k.a thesis. I was in charge of the design of the place and I loved how everything turned out. :)

Next is the Service Awards. For my Events class, one of the 3 events we had to stage was this. I had very minimal contribution to this event since I was just part of the AVP team. Basically come the event itself, I had nothing to do. The event went well by the way. It was the most energetic and entertaining awards ceremony I have ever attended. 

Look at how funky the HRM students made the reception hall look like!
And the details were amazing. Each placemat was customized with a retrofied photo of the awardee
Look at how cute the stage looked
The upbeat dance number closed the night
Unlike the other minor tracks that were done with their mini-event before the service awards, the Advertising class held our event after. Our event was entitled Zumbafied which was basically an event where everyone will do Zumba (a new fitness craze). The event went way better than I expected. Unlike the Service Awards, I was very hands on during this event. From the pre-prod, prod to the post-production, I have tasks assigned to me. I'm still working on the post part actually which I am very eager to do (I'm just hoping my laptop cooperates!)

That's my mom right there!
Sir Lester, our advertising professor, gave us these chocolates from HK to munch on after our event. How sweet!
Right after that mini-event was the minor comprehensive exams. Every graduating student has to go through this test which covers all the general education subjects taken since year 1 in college. That's a pretty wide scope you have there and it is for that reason that I failed to review for any subject at all! I was too overwhelmed with the amount of information I have to revisit that I kept postponing my review sessions each night until I realized that the test was the next day! 
Look at all those notebooks!
Come Saturday, the day of the test, I finally felt the panic rising in me. I scrambled to get whatever info I could and just as I was going from table to table, Rala told me that Sir Lester has yet another surprise treat for the Advertising class.

Sir Lester gave each of us a small bag of sweets as good luck for our exams!
I freaked out during the hour nearing the exam. With no exaggeration, I did no review of any subject at all. I was going into battle with no weapon! But my nerves began to calm when I saw the test paper and saw that EVERYTHING was essay type. I did have difficulty with some subjects (Philosophy, Science and *drum roll* Physical Education) but I wiggled my way through it. Anyway, the highlight of this story is actually not the test but what I did in between my tests and what happened to it afterwards.

When I find myself stuck on a certain question, I doodle on the scratch papers provided to calm me down and let me think better. I have been doing this during all my tests starting way back in high school. So what I thought was just some harmless doodling ended up being in the spotlight come Monday.

I was walking down the hallway when I saw a bunch of scribbles posted on the Dean of Arts & Science's bulletin board. As I got closer, I started to recognize those scribbles... those were my doodles! All of my scratch papers were posted for everyone to see!

This particular paper even has my draft on it. How embarrassing! Now everyone knows what iI answered in theology! HAHA

I was scared at first since I thought the Dean was mad about the doodles i did. I found myself in trouble back in HS for that case since I doodled all over the test paper itself. That was considered as some sort of vandalism I believe so I thought I might have done it again. But it was a pleasant surprise when I looked below and saw the Dean's message:
Yey, doodlers!
With comprehensive exams down, I only have one road block left before graduation - the Hildegard Awards. This time I'm the head of an AVP team so I better get back to work right away. The sooner I finish this project, the sooner I can get back to blogging about school stuff and not end up overloading a post with stories... fingers crossed that the next posts involves graduation practices, yearbook distribution and... graduation itself. Exciteeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :)



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