THEORY: Versions!

I was listening to 25 minutes yesterday in the car and found myself talking about how painful it must feel to be literally 25 minutes too late. I actually have been listening to this song for as long as I can remember (my dad would blast this song from the "components" back in the day) but it was only yesterday that I paid attention to the lyrics. As I tried to understand the story of the song, I kept going on and on about how devastated I would feel if I were to watch the love of my life vow to live the rest of his/her days with someone else... and knowing that I could've stopped that from happening would make the pain hurt even more. Anyways, I do not plan to talk about pain, regret and broken hearts (it appears that I have dwelt too much on those topics these past days) because this post is about an observation I made.

I noticed that Adele's song "Someone Like You" is a girl version of 25 minutes by Micheal Learns to Rock. It appears that in love (and I guess most parts of life), men and women are the same. I've actually always believed in (and proclaimed) gender equality but I focused on abilities and jobs and those kinds of comparisons. Hearing these two songs made me realize I skipped on a very important aspect - love. Men, women and every other gender that falls between fall in love and get hurt all the same. Some lose the love of their life but are fortunate enough to get them back... others aren't as fortunate though. But if its any consolation to those "unfortunate ones," Adele and Micheal Learns To Rock definitely know the feeling all too much and have decided to make songs that would help you get through it... or at the very least help you explain what happened to your nosy friends.

*The songs also make for great status updates and tweets! Hashtag song title!

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