THEORY: Perhaps

"Its funny how you speak of community yet you are elitist, how you speak of humility yet you are proud, how you speak of transparency yet you are corrupt, how you speak of me when you fail to see you"

I know I am not perfect. I know I am as proud, loud and irritating to be around as the next person. And I know that I am an even worse person than the people I am disappointed with... but the difference is that I know I am flawed and I do not pretend that I am not. I do not preach about humility when I know I am more arrogant than Kris Aquino, I don't talk about patience when my temper is so short I don't even have time to count to ten to cool down, and I don't talk about kindness when I know that I am as hard as a rock when it comes to caring for others.

This is why its quite odd for me to see others talk about things they apparently do not understand. But perhaps I am simply jumping to conclusions. Perhaps this is simply how things work out. Perhaps.

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