STORY: Pressured

I am going crazy. Just today, I woke up from dreams of being hired. Yes, dreams with an S. I woke up several times just to confirm that the good news was just a dream then I'd fall back to sleep and dream the same thing. It is like torture actually. The first time was okay but the 2-3 times that came after were more of a nightmare than a dream. When you dream of something so good, waking up to it makes reality seem like a nightmare.

I don't want to face another person asking me how I'm doing and not having something good to answer. If the anxiety of all the waiting I'm going through won't kill me, than the pressure from everyone around me will... or maybe the extreme heat of the summer. Believe it or not, the summer heat is looking pretty bearable at this point. :(

STORY: Impromptu Trips

The long overdue meet up finally pushed through and I was unprepared for what the day had in store! Kekx, Jana and I met up one Friday at Taft and after a few minutes of complaining about the heat at Coffee Bean, we started to kid about heading to Tagaytay just to cool down. The joking eventually led to us sitting on a bus to Tagaytay the next minute! I'll give you a breakdown of our expenses, just in case you plan on going on a budget trip, too!

This would be my first time to commute to Tagaytay, actually first time to commute this far EVER! It was an exciting experience and I should have expected to experience this with these two girls who are as unpredictable as the trip that transpired. (Bus ticket costs P80.00 from Baclaran)

The trio of misfit
Look at how cool the ceiling of the bus is!
We were dropped off exactly in front of Leslie's!
Getting some shade. It was still very hot in Tagaytay!

It took us over an hour to get to Tagaytay. When we got there, it was still very hot (so much for our search for a "cold haven"). We were dropped at Leslie's so we figured we'd have lunch there. If you are on a budget and want to get more from your money, I suggest you eat elsewhere. Leslie's is a bit pricey compared to the restaurants around it but we wanted to eat at a "Tagaytay place" so we opted to dine here. We ended up ordering their specialty, Bulalo even if it was a bit expensive (P545.00 per order, P595.00 for special). We tried not to order it but when waiters pass by our table holding a big, big bowl of it, we were too "takam" to resist ordering it. Because of that, we had to cut down other items so we just had a plate of sisig (P299.00) and family size steamed rice (P220.00) to go with it which totals to roughly P1,200.

We were seated at a "private-ish" area. Cool, huh?
The bulalo that will make your heart smile then stop beating! Haha. Delicioso!
The sisig was okay but I've tasted better.
We asked the kind waiter to take a photo of us three and he agreed. 
After Leslie's we were supposed to go to the Picnic Grove but since it would take us another jeepney ride, we ended up going through the endless ukay-ukays near McDonalds (I am familiar with the ones exactly beside Mcdo but I was surprised at how many, many more ukay-ukays were just around the area!) It was a good thing we didn't go the Picnic Grove because the 2-3 hours we spent on "shopping' wasn't enough! We ended up at around 5:40pm and I was dead tired by then (and I had a birthday to got after... good luck to me! Haha).

We were all able to buy something - Jana bought a pale pink blazer (P100), Kekx got a navy blue trench coat (P50) and I got a turquoise cropped blazer (P50), a see-through sleeveless dress (P60) and a pair of Zara (yes, Zara!) black pants (P75). Check out how they look like and the rest of our day in the video below!

Good thing Adobe Premiere cooperated with me! Too bad I had to resize it so I could upload it faster.

On the way home, I ended up buying two boxes of buko pie because the vendors won't stop bugging me! And I don't even eat buko pie. Haha. It was a long trip home and I was so late for the birthday I was going to (Sorry!) Kekx went down first, then Jana and I got down the bus at Quirino. Jana took the LRT and I waited for Jose at McDonalds. 

That wraps up the most impromptu trip and one of most fun ones as well that I've ever been to! 'Til our next adventure! :)

THEORY: Partner

If you've been following my blog, my twitter and are friends with me on facebook, you would know that I am this batch's yearbook Editor-in-Chief and up to this very moment, I am still not relieved of the responsibilities of the post. The job has required me to handle a lot of stuff (more than I expected, actually!) but it is the past two months that has been the most harassing since everyone is very eager to get their hands on the yearbook and the graduation photos as well and all the pressure is placed on the yearbook team, on my shoulders especially. 

I am not complaining because I was well aware that this kind of harassment and pressure came with the job and I have no plans of escaping or turning my back on it. In fact, I have gone back and forth to Quezon City where the publisher is located a number of times in the past month alone to check up on the printing and approve stuff left and right. I even go as far as edit some photos, sort files and contact people myself which are already beyond my job description but if these are the things that are causing the delay, then its a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

But I am still very, very fortunate. Among the sea of grumbling students, I have a very responsible partner to take everything in with. Berna, my Associate Editor, has been with me every single time and she even took over my job during the week I was away on vacation. She also goes to QC to sort files and follow up things that need to be out of her desire to get this yearbook done as soon as possible. 

Blue print - this is printed out once the yearbook is final. 
We have to sign each and every page to confirm that there are no more errors! Fingers crossed that after almost 10 checking, we didn't miss out on anything!

Signing like a boss!
At last, the sample print! They had the yearbook printed out in different kinds of papers so that we could choose on which paper our design would look best in. We chose this one - matte.
Actual size of the yearbook.
At this point, there is nothing more Berna and I can do but wait like everyone else. We have gone through, approved, and followed up on everything we could possibly go through, approve and follow up on. I'm really hoping that all will be over and done with by next month because I really do not want to disappoint any more people with a delay... and if there is a delay, its a shame that are efforts will be overshadowed by the late release.

But whatever happens, if we meet the targeted release date or not, if students will complain or be satisfied with the result, if the yearbook ends up being the yearbook we imagined, I will still be grateful to have an amazing partner through it all. Our next task together, after distribution of course, is interviewing next year's editorial board and I tell you, I will put as much importance on the Associate Editor as I will in finding the next EIC because really, what is a good leader without an equally great partner by her side?

STORY: Toothbrush Routine

Random fact #6

This is a habit I didn't see forming until it was already embedded in my everyday routine. Every time I brush my teeth in our bathroom which is right beside our kitchen, I always, always have to pass by the refrigerator to grab some water to drink. And I do this even if I'm not thirsty at all! Its like a reflex or something. And it has come to a point that even if I don't brush my teeth, just as long as I have to use the bathroom, I always grab a drink of water when I get out.

Its a weird habit and I have tried countering it a few times. I forced myself not to drink water a few times and forced myself to go up to my room and continue whatever it is I'm doing but I get uncomfortable and irritated and eventually end up running to my mom's room to grab some water from their fridge.

I don't know, I really don't know how my bathroom and thirst somehow found a connection. I guess its a habit I have to live with. Oh well.

STORY: What would they say?

As any fresh graduate would experience, I had my first ever job interview last Monday. It wasn't at all like the interviews I imagined in my head during the days that led to the interview but it surely was exciting. I'll tell you more of that later, for now I want to share one part of the exam that really got me stumped.

We were tasked to create a conversation between a NUN, a MALE YUPPIE and an OLD MAN with a FIGHTING COCK all riding a jeepney along Makati Avenue. The conversation should last 60-90 seconds. The conversation should either be amusing or sad.

Here it goes:

A male yuppie looked at the old man in front of him holding a fighting cock on his lap. Out of curiosity, the young boy asked, "Why do you have a fighting cock with you?" with which the old man replied, "Oh, to repay my debt." The nun sitting beside the young man joined the conversation and asked, "What do you owe?" and the old man willingly shares that he is going to give it to a doctor who cured his sick mother in the province during one of the medical missions of the doctor's team. He was going to repay the doctor with his prized fighting cock. The nun smiled and shared that she too is going to see a doctor. She shares that there is a sick girl in their orphanage and that the doctor she will be seeing mentioned that they are free to call him anytime he is needed. The old man noticed that the young boy fell silent. "You boy, where are you heading?" to which the boy responded, "To see my father, Dr. Enriquez." Both the nun and the old man widened their eyes with surprise. "He is the doctor I'm going to see!" exclaimed the old man. "Me, too!" second the nun. "So you're going down at the hospital, too, right?" asked the old man. The boy replied, "No sir, to the cemetery." 

Not bad for a story I squeezed out of my brain in 30 minutes, huh? 

STORY: Cultured

During a job interview, a co-applicant who was obsessed with musicals and broadway started talking about Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon and he was mentioning all these names I have only encountered briefly in some textbook during Literature years and years back. Of course, afraid of encountering him or anyone else like him again and having nothing to contribute to a conversation, I started searching about all these plays. You know, for stock knowledge. One thing led to another and I found myself going through the list of the 100 longest running plays of all time. I must say, simply reading the synopsis of each play has got me interested in it. I could just imagine how amazing it would be to see these words (and not even that good a bunch of words since these are synopses so they cut out all the wonderful dialogues that transpire) come to life with colorful costumes, amazing song and dance numbers and astonishing theater actors and actresses.

I have only been to one play out of free will (meaning there was no reason behind my attendance other than my seeking of entertainment) my entire life and I was surprised and amazed by what I saw. I watched Peter Pan for my birthday last year and I did so just because I liked Sam Concepcion's rendition of Forever Young. I love Peter Pan (since I am a Disney kid) so I thought it would be great to see a version of it with Sam Concepcion but what I saw unfold that night, that short and sweet night, was way more than I ever expected. The play was different from the Peter Pan I know based on the Disney movie and that isn't a complaint. The songs were amazing and the choreography that goes it was even more jaw dropping. Watching the stage transform after every 5 seconds of darkness keeps me at awe each time. It was the best 3 hours of arts and entertainment I have ever put myself into willingly and I am thankful that I did.

I was quite regretful when I first told my mom that I would like tickets to Peter Pan for me and Jose for my birthday since I could have bought a bunch of clothes and treated a bunch of people for that amount but after seeing the wonder of it, I made the right choice.

I read somewhere (its unfortunate my memory has prohibited me from crediting this person) that people are happier and more satisfied on purchases that weren't tangible. People were less regretful on expenses that gave them experience... and I have proven that. I used to think that the things that would last the longest or the things I would be using over and over would bring me the most joy and most value for my money but that isn't always the case. Years later, when you're in the living room with grand kids circling you for stories to tell, you won't be bragging about the time you bought a fancy top at some store that might not even exist or might not be as famous as it is when you bought it, you'd brag about the places you've been to, the activities you tried and the people you met along the way.

As of now, I have "I saw Sam Concepcion play Peter Pan once and your grandpa and I were seats away from celebrities. Yeah, lola was at the orchestra center, would you believe that?" to tell my grandkinds... I'm hoping the list would add more stuff in the years to come. (Also hoping that this list won't cost me too much! Hahaha. Hoping getting cultured doesn't have to be expensive!)

P.S. Yes, assuming na ko kung sino si granpa. Haha! ;)

STORY: Shakin' Summer

I'm no weather girl but I'm pretty sure that this is one of the hottest summers ever! And that's coming from someone who loves the heat, I seriously do. I remember one time in High School, everyone sat in the part of the bench in the school grounds that had lots of shade from the trees but I sat at the spot where the sun hit it and lay there, literally lay there, until the teacher called for us. Yes, that's how much I like heat. And if that isn't enough, I always have a blanket on me at night even without an electric fan on. I also always turn off the aircon in the car to which my dad and Jose get so irritated with (both love the cold) because after a few minutes of the cold air in my face, I feel like the cold will freeze me to death. I cannot tolerate too much cold for long periods of time. 

But this summer is way beyond what I could handle. Even though I love the heat, I can't seem to love the scorching 35 degrees of hot wind that goes through the electric fans and straight to my sweaty self. So I guess no one is doubting that there really is Global Warming, huh? What more proof are they asking for. Anyway, to beat the heat, (besides the ice cream we've been having a lot more often at home), mom bought some avocadoes and made some Avocado shake! After nagging her over and over to buy some, finally avocadoes are in season! The shake ended up being so thick it was like sipping melted ice cream. 

And it seems that other fruits have invaded our household. That same day, my mom made some pineapple juice and my dad bought some melons and had me make some melon juice. What a fruity summer it is becoming! :)

P.S. Haaaaaaaaay, Mr. Sun can you please hold back on the heat a bit? My avocado shake can only cool me down for so long then its back to the hot reality. Pretty please?

STORY: Saturdate

One lazy Saturday, I had my dad (who asked my mom) bring me to Jose's house to hang out (so, my mom drove me. Just in case you didn't get that). I got to Jose's house at around 3pm past already because I was too lazy to get up and move.

Mom is such a slow driver and we kid her about it all the time... including  Jose! Haha.
Anyway, when I got there, we surfed the net first for something to watch. And since the net connection took forever to download a full movie, we decided to watch movies I already have on my ipod instead. We wanted to watch in their entertainment room (which doesn't support my ipod) so we transferred the video file to the computer and burned it to a DVD pa. Once we got that done, we ate some merienda first because it was about 5pm already by this time. We ate some pancit canton and korean instant noodles with Pan De Manila pandesal. 

After that, it took about half an hour to set everything up just to find out that 'palpak ang pagburn.' The audio of the video was terrible! So we opted to pick a movie from whatever was in their stack of DVDs. A lot of the CD jackets of movies I liked had no CDs inside and when I finally found a CD of a movie I wanted to watch, the DVD was broken! The video would stop every few seconds even if that was already an original DVD. We both got pissed and decided to drop the idea of watching a movie all together. So much for movie marathon-ing, eh?

I then told Jose that we play Pinoy Henyo to kill time before dinner. Surprisingly, he agreed. He rarely agrees to playing games so it was nice he played along. I grabbed some bond papers, pens, cutter and tape and we both started writing words for the other to guess.

Can you spot the DVD that we were supposed to watch?

We made 4 words for each other to guess. Jose's words were: Vice Ganda, Zac Efron, Jealous and Patis. I got 3 out of 4. I had him guess Turquoise, Adobong Pusit, Aircon and Hotdog. He got 2 out of 4. We had fun guessing each other's word with songs from my ipod playing in the background. After we finished all the words, we ended up lying down on the tiled floor savoring the cold from the aircon until about 730pm when we got up to take dinner. They had KFC delivered so I ate chicken with some of their left over sinigang from lunch. Yum.  

I got to play with his niece, Chaniel who I absolutely adore for a few minutes before I left. She wasn't in the mood to play because it was time for her to take a nap. She usually gets up at 9pm to play until about midnight. Weird sleeping habit for a baby, huh? Anyways, that capped off the night. Jose brought me home and we talked on the phone when he got back to their house.

It was an awesome day. Beats our movie-dinner dates and yet this day didn't cost us a thing. 

THEORY: Just For Tonight

I haven't sat in front of a computer, played random online games and blasted pop music just because I wanted to in a long, long time. And now that I am doing just that, I feel like I'm 15 again. I feel so young and without a worry in the world. I feel as though today is the only day that matters and the next hour is the only time I should think about, that is if I find myself thinking about anything at all. I feel so free... I feel happy.

Just for tonight, all that matters is beating my opponent in Tetris Battle. Just for tonight, all that matters is how I should turn the volume up for the next song on my playlist because its too low for me to hear just to have to put the volume up again for the next song. Just for tonight, I will tie my hair up in a ponytail, sit in my most comfy position, tilt my laptop the most comfortable angle because I'm going to stay here as long as I can. Just for tonight, I'm going to be 15 again.

As I think about how the time I was 15 years old seem so distant to my 20 year old self, I kinda feel tears in the corners of my eyes. Its a mix of emotions, really. How scary it is that time flew by that quickly and how amazing it is that I have already gone so far. How my nights used to be spent killing time because tomorrow was always already planned for me and now having nights turn into mornings without me even feeling it. How I felt my world would end when my classmates laughed at the outfit my mom picked out for me to wear to school one Saturday to how I couldn't care less some days about how I look. How I would worry about not having friends in the college or university I will be attending to to worrying about not having a job! I feel as though my days as a 15 year old are light years away already yet tonight, I feel time has decided to stop, rewind and pause for a while.

I guess this comes with age - this "longing" to go back in time and run away to the time when things were simpler and happier. You reminisce more often because you have more years to look back to, you miss more memories, you sulk about more opportunities lost and you smile at the things you've finally gotten right. I believe this is my 20-year-old wisdom speaking when I say that although I miss my ways of years past, I wouldn't dream of having to live it all over again. Happiness maybe a little more complicated to find but I don't get sad about the pettiest of things nor do I cry and throw tantrums about every problem that come my way. I may have to worry about a lot more things now but I also have bigger things to look forward to. I miss my life before but I love my life now.

But when you think about it, we never really part ways with our 15 year old selves. They are always there, inside us... and during nights like these, when the stars align for us somehow, time stops, rewinds and pauses... you know, just for tonight.

STORY: O, The Anxiety!

All my life, I have always looked at the future with a lot of enthusiasm. Of course there were days that I dreaded facing the next day or next week but those feelings of anxiety or anger were passing, nothing too serious. But it appears that within the past month, this week especially, I have been looking at the future with less and less excitement and more and more fear.

Come March, the thoughts of being jobless and having no "life" to transition to after leaving student life behind have entered my mind time to time but the excitement of graduation seem to overpower this hanging feeling of anxiety each time. But now that the Big Day is over (more on that next time), the anxiety has exponentially increased! I am freaking out about not being sure about anything! Having people asking me what my plans are left and right isn't helping either.

My parents and some friends have told me to just enjoy my vacation while I still can (since it will be my last one for life) but how can I if I keep thinking that while I'm out hitting the beach or going on a road trip some other fresh grad is now in a room in a building somewhere in the Metro having an interview for a job that could've been mine!

I keep telling myself to calm down and take a step back. I have just began sending out resumes this week but every ring and beep from my phone makes my heart skip a beat. O, Lord please let this anxiety end! I want to enjoy my vacation already! Please and Thank You, Andy.