STORY: O, The Anxiety!

All my life, I have always looked at the future with a lot of enthusiasm. Of course there were days that I dreaded facing the next day or next week but those feelings of anxiety or anger were passing, nothing too serious. But it appears that within the past month, this week especially, I have been looking at the future with less and less excitement and more and more fear.

Come March, the thoughts of being jobless and having no "life" to transition to after leaving student life behind have entered my mind time to time but the excitement of graduation seem to overpower this hanging feeling of anxiety each time. But now that the Big Day is over (more on that next time), the anxiety has exponentially increased! I am freaking out about not being sure about anything! Having people asking me what my plans are left and right isn't helping either.

My parents and some friends have told me to just enjoy my vacation while I still can (since it will be my last one for life) but how can I if I keep thinking that while I'm out hitting the beach or going on a road trip some other fresh grad is now in a room in a building somewhere in the Metro having an interview for a job that could've been mine!

I keep telling myself to calm down and take a step back. I have just began sending out resumes this week but every ring and beep from my phone makes my heart skip a beat. O, Lord please let this anxiety end! I want to enjoy my vacation already! Please and Thank You, Andy.

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superyanx said...

I exactly feel the same andy! Ugh! :(