STORY: Cultured

During a job interview, a co-applicant who was obsessed with musicals and broadway started talking about Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon and he was mentioning all these names I have only encountered briefly in some textbook during Literature years and years back. Of course, afraid of encountering him or anyone else like him again and having nothing to contribute to a conversation, I started searching about all these plays. You know, for stock knowledge. One thing led to another and I found myself going through the list of the 100 longest running plays of all time. I must say, simply reading the synopsis of each play has got me interested in it. I could just imagine how amazing it would be to see these words (and not even that good a bunch of words since these are synopses so they cut out all the wonderful dialogues that transpire) come to life with colorful costumes, amazing song and dance numbers and astonishing theater actors and actresses.

I have only been to one play out of free will (meaning there was no reason behind my attendance other than my seeking of entertainment) my entire life and I was surprised and amazed by what I saw. I watched Peter Pan for my birthday last year and I did so just because I liked Sam Concepcion's rendition of Forever Young. I love Peter Pan (since I am a Disney kid) so I thought it would be great to see a version of it with Sam Concepcion but what I saw unfold that night, that short and sweet night, was way more than I ever expected. The play was different from the Peter Pan I know based on the Disney movie and that isn't a complaint. The songs were amazing and the choreography that goes it was even more jaw dropping. Watching the stage transform after every 5 seconds of darkness keeps me at awe each time. It was the best 3 hours of arts and entertainment I have ever put myself into willingly and I am thankful that I did.

I was quite regretful when I first told my mom that I would like tickets to Peter Pan for me and Jose for my birthday since I could have bought a bunch of clothes and treated a bunch of people for that amount but after seeing the wonder of it, I made the right choice.

I read somewhere (its unfortunate my memory has prohibited me from crediting this person) that people are happier and more satisfied on purchases that weren't tangible. People were less regretful on expenses that gave them experience... and I have proven that. I used to think that the things that would last the longest or the things I would be using over and over would bring me the most joy and most value for my money but that isn't always the case. Years later, when you're in the living room with grand kids circling you for stories to tell, you won't be bragging about the time you bought a fancy top at some store that might not even exist or might not be as famous as it is when you bought it, you'd brag about the places you've been to, the activities you tried and the people you met along the way.

As of now, I have "I saw Sam Concepcion play Peter Pan once and your grandpa and I were seats away from celebrities. Yeah, lola was at the orchestra center, would you believe that?" to tell my grandkinds... I'm hoping the list would add more stuff in the years to come. (Also hoping that this list won't cost me too much! Hahaha. Hoping getting cultured doesn't have to be expensive!)

P.S. Yes, assuming na ko kung sino si granpa. Haha! ;)

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