STORY: Food Tripping!

I have been craving for gyoza for weeks and every time Jose and I go out to eat, he always finds some reason for us to dine else where (where there is no gyoza). Therefore, I never do get to satisfy my craving! But last Thursday, I told him that I was going to eat gyoza with or without him because I just want one so badly... he ended up giving in and we searched for the nearest Rai Rai Ken. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one, not even a japanese restaurant. How weird is it that when you are looking for something, the chances of you finding it become slimmer? 

Anyways, I did get my fix :) We ended up eating at Landmark's foodcourt where there is a Karate Kid branch. I ordered some gyoza then we ate at some other stall. 

The gyoza was pretty good! :)
 We ended up eating at this sizzling plate-like place. The sisig I ordered was terrible so it was a good thing Jose's tenderloin tasted good. I ate my gyoza with the rice instead and just put all the sisig in the side.

By the way, Jose hates food courts. He doesn't like that there are so many people and that the smell of the food stick to your clothes after. He just agreed to eat here seeing how disappointed I was not finding my gyoza (which I eventually did find!). I, on the other hand love food courts! I feel its like the tiangge of food. You get a wide range of choices for half the price and you also get to order from different stalls and eat it all in one place! Also, this very food court brings so much memories. I remember when I was younger, we would do our grocery at Landmark every Sunday and then mom would order some Mcdonalds for me, she would order elsewhere then we would eat at the food court. Actually, the foodcourt area and the grocery has had a tremendous facelift since my time but the memories are still fresh... how I would play at the walkalator with my brother, how we run up and down the ramp for the grocery carts, how we would wait for mom at Mcdonalds while she finished paying up. Oh, memories! :)

Any way, after eating, we headed off to Glorietta to catch a movie. We were half an hour early for the film so we walked around the area to kill time. We stumbled upon this new food stall that sells some weird version of ice cream. We ordered their specialty, cheese ice cream which we eventually found out wasn't cheese ice cream after all. It was just cheese - frozen and shredded! It tasted good but after a few spoons, the creaminess of it can get a bit overwhelming. I suggest you juts grab a small cup when you order.

We also got a small cup (big serving!) of snow cone with Orange and Bubblegum flavor. The bubblgum was okay bordering on medicine-like taste but the orange was good. 

We gobbled all our cold treats and headed off to the cinema just in time. 
Yey! I finally got my gyoza fix with a side of something new. Very happy tummy! 

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