STORY: Impromptu Trips

The long overdue meet up finally pushed through and I was unprepared for what the day had in store! Kekx, Jana and I met up one Friday at Taft and after a few minutes of complaining about the heat at Coffee Bean, we started to kid about heading to Tagaytay just to cool down. The joking eventually led to us sitting on a bus to Tagaytay the next minute! I'll give you a breakdown of our expenses, just in case you plan on going on a budget trip, too!

This would be my first time to commute to Tagaytay, actually first time to commute this far EVER! It was an exciting experience and I should have expected to experience this with these two girls who are as unpredictable as the trip that transpired. (Bus ticket costs P80.00 from Baclaran)

The trio of misfit
Look at how cool the ceiling of the bus is!
We were dropped off exactly in front of Leslie's!
Getting some shade. It was still very hot in Tagaytay!

It took us over an hour to get to Tagaytay. When we got there, it was still very hot (so much for our search for a "cold haven"). We were dropped at Leslie's so we figured we'd have lunch there. If you are on a budget and want to get more from your money, I suggest you eat elsewhere. Leslie's is a bit pricey compared to the restaurants around it but we wanted to eat at a "Tagaytay place" so we opted to dine here. We ended up ordering their specialty, Bulalo even if it was a bit expensive (P545.00 per order, P595.00 for special). We tried not to order it but when waiters pass by our table holding a big, big bowl of it, we were too "takam" to resist ordering it. Because of that, we had to cut down other items so we just had a plate of sisig (P299.00) and family size steamed rice (P220.00) to go with it which totals to roughly P1,200.

We were seated at a "private-ish" area. Cool, huh?
The bulalo that will make your heart smile then stop beating! Haha. Delicioso!
The sisig was okay but I've tasted better.
We asked the kind waiter to take a photo of us three and he agreed. 
After Leslie's we were supposed to go to the Picnic Grove but since it would take us another jeepney ride, we ended up going through the endless ukay-ukays near McDonalds (I am familiar with the ones exactly beside Mcdo but I was surprised at how many, many more ukay-ukays were just around the area!) It was a good thing we didn't go the Picnic Grove because the 2-3 hours we spent on "shopping' wasn't enough! We ended up at around 5:40pm and I was dead tired by then (and I had a birthday to got after... good luck to me! Haha).

We were all able to buy something - Jana bought a pale pink blazer (P100), Kekx got a navy blue trench coat (P50) and I got a turquoise cropped blazer (P50), a see-through sleeveless dress (P60) and a pair of Zara (yes, Zara!) black pants (P75). Check out how they look like and the rest of our day in the video below!

Good thing Adobe Premiere cooperated with me! Too bad I had to resize it so I could upload it faster.

On the way home, I ended up buying two boxes of buko pie because the vendors won't stop bugging me! And I don't even eat buko pie. Haha. It was a long trip home and I was so late for the birthday I was going to (Sorry!) Kekx went down first, then Jana and I got down the bus at Quirino. Jana took the LRT and I waited for Jose at McDonalds. 

That wraps up the most impromptu trip and one of most fun ones as well that I've ever been to! 'Til our next adventure! :)

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