THEORY: Partner

If you've been following my blog, my twitter and are friends with me on facebook, you would know that I am this batch's yearbook Editor-in-Chief and up to this very moment, I am still not relieved of the responsibilities of the post. The job has required me to handle a lot of stuff (more than I expected, actually!) but it is the past two months that has been the most harassing since everyone is very eager to get their hands on the yearbook and the graduation photos as well and all the pressure is placed on the yearbook team, on my shoulders especially. 

I am not complaining because I was well aware that this kind of harassment and pressure came with the job and I have no plans of escaping or turning my back on it. In fact, I have gone back and forth to Quezon City where the publisher is located a number of times in the past month alone to check up on the printing and approve stuff left and right. I even go as far as edit some photos, sort files and contact people myself which are already beyond my job description but if these are the things that are causing the delay, then its a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

But I am still very, very fortunate. Among the sea of grumbling students, I have a very responsible partner to take everything in with. Berna, my Associate Editor, has been with me every single time and she even took over my job during the week I was away on vacation. She also goes to QC to sort files and follow up things that need to be out of her desire to get this yearbook done as soon as possible. 

Blue print - this is printed out once the yearbook is final. 
We have to sign each and every page to confirm that there are no more errors! Fingers crossed that after almost 10 checking, we didn't miss out on anything!

Signing like a boss!
At last, the sample print! They had the yearbook printed out in different kinds of papers so that we could choose on which paper our design would look best in. We chose this one - matte.
Actual size of the yearbook.
At this point, there is nothing more Berna and I can do but wait like everyone else. We have gone through, approved, and followed up on everything we could possibly go through, approve and follow up on. I'm really hoping that all will be over and done with by next month because I really do not want to disappoint any more people with a delay... and if there is a delay, its a shame that are efforts will be overshadowed by the late release.

But whatever happens, if we meet the targeted release date or not, if students will complain or be satisfied with the result, if the yearbook ends up being the yearbook we imagined, I will still be grateful to have an amazing partner through it all. Our next task together, after distribution of course, is interviewing next year's editorial board and I tell you, I will put as much importance on the Associate Editor as I will in finding the next EIC because really, what is a good leader without an equally great partner by her side?

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