STORY: Saturdate

One lazy Saturday, I had my dad (who asked my mom) bring me to Jose's house to hang out (so, my mom drove me. Just in case you didn't get that). I got to Jose's house at around 3pm past already because I was too lazy to get up and move.

Mom is such a slow driver and we kid her about it all the time... including  Jose! Haha.
Anyway, when I got there, we surfed the net first for something to watch. And since the net connection took forever to download a full movie, we decided to watch movies I already have on my ipod instead. We wanted to watch in their entertainment room (which doesn't support my ipod) so we transferred the video file to the computer and burned it to a DVD pa. Once we got that done, we ate some merienda first because it was about 5pm already by this time. We ate some pancit canton and korean instant noodles with Pan De Manila pandesal. 

After that, it took about half an hour to set everything up just to find out that 'palpak ang pagburn.' The audio of the video was terrible! So we opted to pick a movie from whatever was in their stack of DVDs. A lot of the CD jackets of movies I liked had no CDs inside and when I finally found a CD of a movie I wanted to watch, the DVD was broken! The video would stop every few seconds even if that was already an original DVD. We both got pissed and decided to drop the idea of watching a movie all together. So much for movie marathon-ing, eh?

I then told Jose that we play Pinoy Henyo to kill time before dinner. Surprisingly, he agreed. He rarely agrees to playing games so it was nice he played along. I grabbed some bond papers, pens, cutter and tape and we both started writing words for the other to guess.

Can you spot the DVD that we were supposed to watch?

We made 4 words for each other to guess. Jose's words were: Vice Ganda, Zac Efron, Jealous and Patis. I got 3 out of 4. I had him guess Turquoise, Adobong Pusit, Aircon and Hotdog. He got 2 out of 4. We had fun guessing each other's word with songs from my ipod playing in the background. After we finished all the words, we ended up lying down on the tiled floor savoring the cold from the aircon until about 730pm when we got up to take dinner. They had KFC delivered so I ate chicken with some of their left over sinigang from lunch. Yum.  

I got to play with his niece, Chaniel who I absolutely adore for a few minutes before I left. She wasn't in the mood to play because it was time for her to take a nap. She usually gets up at 9pm to play until about midnight. Weird sleeping habit for a baby, huh? Anyways, that capped off the night. Jose brought me home and we talked on the phone when he got back to their house.

It was an awesome day. Beats our movie-dinner dates and yet this day didn't cost us a thing. 

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