STORY: Shakin' Summer

I'm no weather girl but I'm pretty sure that this is one of the hottest summers ever! And that's coming from someone who loves the heat, I seriously do. I remember one time in High School, everyone sat in the part of the bench in the school grounds that had lots of shade from the trees but I sat at the spot where the sun hit it and lay there, literally lay there, until the teacher called for us. Yes, that's how much I like heat. And if that isn't enough, I always have a blanket on me at night even without an electric fan on. I also always turn off the aircon in the car to which my dad and Jose get so irritated with (both love the cold) because after a few minutes of the cold air in my face, I feel like the cold will freeze me to death. I cannot tolerate too much cold for long periods of time. 

But this summer is way beyond what I could handle. Even though I love the heat, I can't seem to love the scorching 35 degrees of hot wind that goes through the electric fans and straight to my sweaty self. So I guess no one is doubting that there really is Global Warming, huh? What more proof are they asking for. Anyway, to beat the heat, (besides the ice cream we've been having a lot more often at home), mom bought some avocadoes and made some Avocado shake! After nagging her over and over to buy some, finally avocadoes are in season! The shake ended up being so thick it was like sipping melted ice cream. 

And it seems that other fruits have invaded our household. That same day, my mom made some pineapple juice and my dad bought some melons and had me make some melon juice. What a fruity summer it is becoming! :)

P.S. Haaaaaaaaay, Mr. Sun can you please hold back on the heat a bit? My avocado shake can only cool me down for so long then its back to the hot reality. Pretty please?

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