STORY: Toothbrush Routine

Random fact #6

This is a habit I didn't see forming until it was already embedded in my everyday routine. Every time I brush my teeth in our bathroom which is right beside our kitchen, I always, always have to pass by the refrigerator to grab some water to drink. And I do this even if I'm not thirsty at all! Its like a reflex or something. And it has come to a point that even if I don't brush my teeth, just as long as I have to use the bathroom, I always grab a drink of water when I get out.

Its a weird habit and I have tried countering it a few times. I forced myself not to drink water a few times and forced myself to go up to my room and continue whatever it is I'm doing but I get uncomfortable and irritated and eventually end up running to my mom's room to grab some water from their fridge.

I don't know, I really don't know how my bathroom and thirst somehow found a connection. I guess its a habit I have to live with. Oh well.

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