STORY: What would they say?

As any fresh graduate would experience, I had my first ever job interview last Monday. It wasn't at all like the interviews I imagined in my head during the days that led to the interview but it surely was exciting. I'll tell you more of that later, for now I want to share one part of the exam that really got me stumped.

We were tasked to create a conversation between a NUN, a MALE YUPPIE and an OLD MAN with a FIGHTING COCK all riding a jeepney along Makati Avenue. The conversation should last 60-90 seconds. The conversation should either be amusing or sad.

Here it goes:

A male yuppie looked at the old man in front of him holding a fighting cock on his lap. Out of curiosity, the young boy asked, "Why do you have a fighting cock with you?" with which the old man replied, "Oh, to repay my debt." The nun sitting beside the young man joined the conversation and asked, "What do you owe?" and the old man willingly shares that he is going to give it to a doctor who cured his sick mother in the province during one of the medical missions of the doctor's team. He was going to repay the doctor with his prized fighting cock. The nun smiled and shared that she too is going to see a doctor. She shares that there is a sick girl in their orphanage and that the doctor she will be seeing mentioned that they are free to call him anytime he is needed. The old man noticed that the young boy fell silent. "You boy, where are you heading?" to which the boy responded, "To see my father, Dr. Enriquez." Both the nun and the old man widened their eyes with surprise. "He is the doctor I'm going to see!" exclaimed the old man. "Me, too!" second the nun. "So you're going down at the hospital, too, right?" asked the old man. The boy replied, "No sir, to the cemetery." 

Not bad for a story I squeezed out of my brain in 30 minutes, huh? 

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