STORY: Dreams Do Come True

This most random of posts is because I have been keeping mental notes of the things I will blog about and end up never getting around to do it. Its a shame because I've already had "quotable" sentences in my head and figured all the dramatic writing out but since I fail to post it by the time I get home, I forget about it!

Anyway, one of those supposed-to-be-post was about our session on Creatives the other day. With no exaggeration at all, I really felt tears in the corners of my eyes during that most candid of talks with the copy director and art director of the agency. Its not really much about what they were saying because the content was actually very amusing, funny actually, yet very helpful and informative. It was more of the thought that I actually did it, I actually got into the advertising industry, I am so much closer to my dream... it was that thought sinking in that made me cry, well almost.

I never really had a dream come true. The things that I am thankful for having now are things I didn't really dream of, they came into my life naturally, accidentally, or unplanned and I though I'm happy for all those things, this case is different. For years I have dreamt of this moment and to actually be in that boardroom, with those people, having a talk about the things I will soon be doing, the feeling is beyond words. It appears that the horizon I have been running after has finally stopped moving away from me. Finally, the dream is a reality.

STORY: A Whole New World

I have had a few posts already about my 'job' but I have never really shared to y'all the beginning... how I entered this whole new world. So, I'm going to do that now.

Well, it was a rollercoaster ride really. A year ago, I have imagined the months after graduation a little differently. I thought I would be enjoying my last summer of youth and have a job just waiting for me to apply to it. Not that I was overconfident or proud about myself, I just really never thought job hunting would be as difficult and as draining - physically and emotionally - as I now know it is. Sure I see indie films of people walking the streets of Manila soaked in sweat with a thick layer of oil and dust over it with matching brown envelope filled with about a dozen of resumes with 2x2 photos of themselves that have blazers edited on, but I always saw that as something fictional. It only became real when it happened to me (No, I didn't walk the streets of Manila, I just emailed half of Makati and had Jose deliver packages to about 4 of them). The physical part wasn't really the tough part, it was all the unpleasant feelings that came with job hunting that was enough for me to give a few rollercoasters a try (with a few loops at that! If you haven't got it already, I hate rollercoasters!) It made me uneasy for days, weeks and months. The thought of not having a future to think about was dreadful and kept me up a few nights, heck, I even blogged about it before (here) hoping writing the worries away would help. It didn't.

Anyway, lets skip all the emails left unreplied, all the calls never received and all the interviews never scheduled and lets fast forward to one email, one call and one interview that did. I got a message from this agency and had me scheduled for an interview. Sure it was just an interview and it really didn't give me much certainty if my job hunting will be put to an end but it was a ray of light in my cloudy world and I was overjoyed.

I went to the interview and was in for another surprise. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be where I would sit in an office one on one with the HR person and talk about who I am, what I've done and why I should be part of their family. No, it wasn't that at all... well, right away. I was faced with an exam that could leave a few college exams ashamed. It had four parts if I'm not mistaken and that was just the first exam. After an hour of that exam which covered math, grammar, logic and a bunch of other stuff I am just really thankful I still have not forgotten, we were given more advertising specific tests. There was two tests about planning and another I honestly forgot was about. After all that which ate up half the day, we were given 2 hours lunch break to answer a copy test that I blogged partially here. After the two hours of begging my brain to spit out something good and staring at the ceiling hoping the ideas would fall from the sky, I finished my copy test. Up to this moment, I'm still amused at how I managed to use the image of a white chicken egg to sell a Toyota Land Cruiser, a trip to Rome and an internet service provider. Its sad though that only those that passed the first bunch of tests would move on to the next stage - the interview. Out of the 12-15 people that took the same tests that day, I was one of the last 3 standing. (I kept calling the interview process of the agency as Survivor style where they would eliminate people each level and only one or a few would remain).

The first time I step foot at the office for my examS and initial interview

The whole interview process ate the entire day. I got to the office at 9am and left at 5pm... and this is just the  first part. After about two weeks of freaking out about why I still haven't heard from them, I finally got a message saying I am scheduled for a panel interview. So I went to the office again and had myself interviewed by a panel. It was about 20-30 minutes of chatting with a moment of panic when they had me pick a thing in the room and think of a tagline for it that instant. I even talked about my blog! So on the slight chance that they drop by and see this account of events, I hope I remembered everything right! Haha. Anyway, just when I expected another week of freaking out about not getting a call, I got one just the night after... and it was a call I almost missed. Actually, I did miss it - twice! I answered our landline and it was Ms. Sherby on the other end congratulating me. I checked my phone and saw there was two missed calls... so much for first impressions. By the way, I was a bit bummed after I put the phone down. The people around me that time weren't very happy about my news. I had imagined hugs and congratulations but I got cold nods and almost emotionless congratulations. It was enough to make me cry but I was too overjoyed, I brushed the sadness away. Oh, did I say orientation was 9am the next morning? Yes, after complaining about how things just won't fall into place, my life has shifted gears and we are speeding across the highway right about now.

My welcome package. The apple is a custom at this place as a sign of hospitality. It is practiced in all their branches all over the world. Gosh, its official!

During the orientation, I found out there was 8 of us. One of them was the same girl I was with the first interview where only 3 of use were left. There are 2 boys and 6 girls and out of that, 4 were going for creatives, 4 for accounts. Well, after about an hour of orienting us of what will happen for the next 6 months of our new lives, we were dismissed... and that is the proverbial door opening wide open for me.

STORY: Offridge

This is just a quick random post. Apparently the extreme cold I'm feeling right now will be a significant event to document through this post. So, there.

By the way my title is supposed to be a hybrid of the words office and fridge... hope you got that.

I have been going to work for a week already yet my body has still not adapted to the temperature of this place. If you know me, you would know that I love the heat (which I actually blogged about before here. Gosh, I need to find more interesting things to blog about other than temperature) so the temperature in the office is really a very unpleasant environment for me after about an hour in it. Unfortunately, this is something I must bear since other than the temperature, the office is great and as soon as I am fully employed, the job is even greater!

By the way, before I end this post, I would like for you to get rid of the smirk in your face as you think of why I won't just bring a jacket or wear something warmer... well, dear judgmental reader (sorry, I didn't mean that, please come back) I am in the Philippines and the moment I step foot outside the building, the heat of the sun will burn me alive if I dare wore any 'winter' outfit (which I really wish I could wear). So, really every morning aside from thinking of what outfit would look good today, I have to think of how I could make this work for both the heat and the cold... and that my friends is bordering on the impossible... lest I end up looking like a sale rack with random things on. I tried bringing a jacket in my bag but commuting is already very difficult, so carrying around a big and heavy bag isn't really the best idea.

Anyway, so much for quick, huh? Let me just end this post right now.

STORY: Bright Blue Jeans

This is the second half of my two-outfits-for-a-thousand post where I shared to y'all my awesome mustard jeans! Unlike the other post where I came up with two outfits for one pair of jeans, here I only have one. So here we go...

Again, I have put my fashion blog following knowledge into use. They say that one way to tone down a bright colored item is to wear items from the same color family just in a different shade... so I wore a navy blue cropped top with these really pretty white details (the details is actually a drawing of a woman's face). I also wore dark pumps to keep everything low key and give all the attention to the jeans. 

The pockets have these cute button details
 I didn't intend to buy jeans. I was just falling in line for one fitting room when I chanced upon a bin (yes, bin not rack) that had a huge SALE sign on it. Its easy to spot these jeans because of the color but actually I initially grabbed the fuchsia version of this. However, it being sale, the items were all out. Meaning what you see is all there is and those fuchsia jeans (the last 3 pieces of it) were not in my size. I then tried on the bright blue version of it three times because it was either too big, too small or damaged. But I guess I was really lucky because by my fourth try, I found one that fit me perfectly and had all buttons and zipper working! And the best part was that the P240.00 price tag was slashed off 50% so I ended up paying just P120.00 for these babies!

Because of the gold accents, I thought my lovely brown bag would go nicely with it. What you think?

Yes, working my pumps because really, I can only smile with them on when I'm sitting! I am not really a heels kind of girl so I have not mastered walking in heels just yet.

I repeat, I am not an accessories girl so I am totally clueless with all the bangles I wore. I wanted gold to be the accent so I just wore anything in my accessories stash that looked close to gold. I thought the earrings looked nice though, don't you think? I could have done better with the bracelets.

Again, thanks Jose for bearing with my vanity! All these for the love of blogging!

STORY: Mustard Madness

Finally, I got the chance to set up a "photo shoot" featuring my latest cheap finds... and this time they are all brand new! (My past 'fashion' posts here and here were all ukay-ukay finds) And when I say cheap, its so cheap that you would just stop for a second in disbelief. Anyway since I am being the vain girl I said I wouldn't be, I have divided this post into two since the amount of photos is way too many for one post. But just to give you a total look at how cheap all these stuff are, here is a photo of both outfits with the items' respective prices:

More on the second look here.

By the way, I bought all five items in one day. It was the Friday of last, last week, the day of my orientation for my "job" (well, technically its a training which leads to a job so I'll just jump ahead and assume I pass the training). I was just so happy about finally getting the post after a month long wait from the ad agency to accept me that I ended up releasing my joy by doing some retail therapy. The agency was about 5 minutes walk away from the strip of malls in Makati so while waiting for my sundo, I ended up grabbing a lot of items and found myself surprised that the bill fell a little less than a thousand. Anyway, I'll save my how-I-got-a-job story for another post because really that story will take me a few more paragraphs to tell and I would have forgotten all about my cheap finds by then.

Back to the clothes...

This is the very first photo of the day so my hair was a mess! I only realized that after we've shot all the photos for this outfit and I've already changed for the next one.

When I got to the mall, the first thing I spotted was this sheer white top with a colorful bib that goes all the way around. When I saw that it was just 199.00 I grabbed it and put in my basket and proceeded to find its perfect match. I initially found some peach shorts but it unfortunately didn't come in my size. Which ended up being a good things since I ended up finding these mustard jeans that were dirt cheap as well. 


The material was stretchy so I initially didn't see the zipper in the side thinking these jeans were some sort of jeggings. The pleats in the waist is a really cute detail as well. Who needs a belt to spice up your outfit when you've got some pleats working their magic?

My new favorite bag!

Another tip I've been reading from all these fashion bloggers is to use contrasting colors so I thought my teal bag went pretty well with my mustard jeans. It also complimented the shades of blue on my top.

Ugh, my hair! :/ I didn't really get to put on make up as well. I was too focused on the clothes!

I am not really fond of buying items in loud colors since its very hard to match it up with other items but these mustard jeans (which I had altered) are too cheap and too cute to pass. But its really fortunate that in this case I was able to find another outfit for my newest pair of bright bottoms.  This is a more formal one compared to the previous look. I guess all the "insert-color-into-your-wardrobe" tips from all these magazines are finally put to use! Who says formal wear needs to be boring?

For this set, I was able to fix my hair. Thankfully!

The shoes and the jeans are the same for this outfit, I just changed the top to a crisp white polo that really goes with everything, my Mango bag (which my Tita gave me as a present) and piled on all the accessories I could get my hands on.

I absolutely love this bag and I don't use it as often as my other bags because I'm afraid I might ruin it! And the great part is you can hold it or you can hang it on your shoulders which is a feature common among all my bags actually!

I really enjoy doing these jump shots even if they are pretty dangerous sometimes... with the heels and all.
I'm not really an accessories kind of girl so I don't really know what I'm doing! I guess that's something I will have to learn!

So what do you think of my mustard jeans and how I played with it? Not bad for a fashion newbie huh?

By the way, thanks to Jose for agreeing to bear the afternoon heat with me! (It wasn't very hot actually, the breeze was very strong and cool as evident in my flying hair!) He was the one who took all these photos. :)

STORY: Quick Update

I haven't blogged in a while and its a shame since I really have a lot to blog about - how my hair is now half its original length but twice as frizzy and voluminous, how I just bought two outfits (top and bottom!) for under a thousand pesos, how I now am officially off the bum list, how I have been spending mornings and eating breakfast at my dad's office almost everyday, how my co-trainees bringing their packed lunch has pressured me to bring my own as well, how I've managed to get together with some friends here and there, how I finally got to take a dip in a pool, how my mom and I sucked at Pinoy Henyo and a whole lot more. And imagine, that's just all from last week.

Gosh, I need to starting queuing posts. I can feel how my blog misses publishing a post at least once a day. But now that I've actually listed down the things to blog about in the paragraph above, I guess my blogging will be a whole lot easier.

STORY: Hello and Goodbye, Tokyo Cafe

To be honest, I kinda forgot what Jose and I did this day and we ended up eating at MOA but since I found these photos in my queue of things to blog, I'll just focus on the food since that part I remember quite clearly.  Its unfortunate that the photos aren't very nice since I have lost the willpower to lug around a big and heavy DSLR these days. Its like everybody has one and it appears to be a pendant more than an photo capturing device. Anyway, the photos below are courtesy of my lovely blackberry.

As usual, Jose and I could never agree on a place to eat. I was in my craving for gyoza/anything-asian food this time so I kept insisting we eat at some place like that. We went around and around MOA and couldn't find a place we could agree on. 

Probably because of hunger and tired feet, we settled for this restaurant, Tokyo Cafe, which had a really nice window display. From the outside it looked pretty pricey, I estimated about Conti's pricey but when we got in, it wasn't what I thought. The food ranges from 200-500 a dish which was reasonable since their portions were big but the look, feel and smell of the place didn't really feel like it deserved to price its food that high. We were seated near the corner and from where we were, we could smell all sorts of stuff that we really couldn't identify what it was anymore. Probably all the food smell mixed in the air. The seat and table weren't very clean looking either though you could see through the decor that they were aiming for restaurant level and not fast food (despite their food being very similar to Tokyo Tokyo).

 Let's just move on to the food.

This dish is good enough for two. The burger was good - tender and juicy - and the gravy was also nice. The vegetables on the side were delicious and it was great they served beans with the carrots and corn instead of the usual peas which I am not really fond of.

The is spicy chicken teriyaki (I think?). I didn't take note of the names of the dishes so sorry if this review will not really help you. Anyway, this dish was okay. I enjoyed the hint of spiciness that blended well with the sweet-salty taste of the sauce. The chicken was a bit tough though.

Both dishes did not come with rice so we had to order some. And each plate costs P40! And half way through the meal, we had another plate of rice ordered. So for the rice alone, we ended up shelling out P120! But the rice did taste and smell great, but still.

The one in the left is my drink - an oreo milkshake of some sort and the one in the right is Jose's - mango juice with mango chunks on top. Jose's drink tasted really good, very fruity and refreshing. Mine was okay but I tasted better milkshakes.

I think the bill totaled 800-900, I'm not really sure. The place was okay but I could've eaten at better places for the same price, really. I guess its safe to assume I won't coming back for a second visit but then again, don't just take my word for it. I encourage you to try visiting the place yourself and your experience might be better than mine. I'll be glad to hear your story! :)

THEORY: Music of Love

The saying that says "You know you're in love when all the songs make sense" is true. I mean, compared to my high school self that would listen to love songs and not feel a thing about it, I definitely have my moments when I hear a really nice love song play. It doesn't matter if I'm sad, angry, or happy at the time I hear a song, I just automatically imagine myself in the situation the song describes. And its internalization to the highest level, believe me. I end up crying because of fear, of hurt, of overwhelming joy... emotions I may or may not have experienced already... emotions I may or may not have just made up in my head. Its just this knowing feeling that when another person in love describes it, you just feel it, too. And for me, of all people, singers are experts on love. I mean, they must be since these love songs must have come from somewhere you know...

... then again, there are people like me who assume they know all about love when they really don't. Or do I? I guess I should start writing a love song to test my theory out already. Now if only I could find a map to a store selling musical talent already...

THEORY: Pool of Appreciation

Every year, my family always has one or two (sometimes three) outings in the summer. We usually go to the beach or to some resort where we would swim, eat and just have a great time. I guess I took this for granted (just like everything else in my life, well, almost! Haha).

This year, everyone was all too excited for our trip abroad that we never really talked or planned about any swimming get away in the weeks or months that followed. Now, about a month after our trip, my sisters have done nothing but whine about still not stepping foot in a beach or resort. I keep telling them that they were being ungrateful and silly about it since going to a pool isn't a mandatory thing that our parents have to have to bring us to, you know. And I felt that our trip abroad was equivalent to the two or three, even five outings that we would gone to if we stuck to our traditional summer plans.

But this week, I think I'm starting to feel what my sisters are feeling. Sure we go out a lot, sure we eat out a lot, sure we watch movies but it just isn't the same. Our summer swimming (which I found out wasn't something everyone enjoyed as a child) is something I would always look forward to as a kid and it was something I never thought would change. It sucks that I only learned to appreciate how great my summer was compared to others now that it appears to be changing already.

But of course, mom is to the rescue. With the few weeks left in summer, mom is still trying to squeeze in a swimming get away. Actually, she's been bugging me to search for places for about two weeks already but its only now that I am also itching to splash, dive and swim in a pool to cool off that I am eager to search for a place already.

Here's hoping next post is of us swimming, eating and having a great time. :)

THEORY: Fear of Joy

Yes, you read that right - Fear of Joy.

This is just one of those random thoughts that pass through my mind when I find myself getting ready to sleep. You see, I say my prayers at night and some nights when I thank God for everything in my life, I find myself scared about having a lot to thank for. Scared that I might be reaching my quota on happiness and that the blessings I've been receiving will have to be put to stop for awhile to give chance to others who aren't as happy as I am. Sometimes, when I'm so happy with my life, I wish I wasn't... because when everything is going too well and everything is moving forward, you are bound to reach the end sometime, you are bound to reach the top... and then you have to fall back a little to have some more room to move forward.

I'm afraid to move backward. I've been there and it took me twice, if not thrice, as long to move forward as it took me to fall back. I don't think I am ready for that again and I'm very sure I'm not at all challenged by the idea that something bad is on its way.

I never thought fear and gratitude would mix but apparently, it could.

THEORY: Jingle All The Way

My blog title automatically makes you think of Christmas time which  is weird since summer is still at its peak and December isn't close at all... but allow me to segue this somehow. Even if nights of caroling are far away, that isn't stopping the ad world from giving us a bunch of catchy jingles to hum along to and I'm just loving it! (Oha!)

I guess it is true, you can really never go wrong with a jingle (well, a good jingle).

This is the first version of the Emperador Light jingle and a second (faster and catchier) one which appears to follow the story of this original video is airing a bunch of times during primetime these days . Its unfortunate I can't find a video of the newer video on YouTube. Doesn't it just leave you singing "Gawin mong Emperador Light, gawin mong light" a few more seconds after the video ends? It sure does that to me!

The intro of the song immediately gives you this relaxed indi-boho vibe which reminds you of lazy summer days. The slow motion effect and close ups of the ice cold iced tea matched the jingle so perfectly that it makes me want to just chill under the sun and drink all the iced tea I can get a hold of (even if I am not that fond of it). The song is so catchy I'd be willing to pay attention to the video for more than just a few seconds ... even for the length of a whole song! 

The Hooray for Today campaign of McDonalds didn't really tickle my fancy right away but after listening to the jingle a bunch of times I have come to love it... addicted to it even. There just something so light and playful about it that it does make you feel like the sun will shine and rainbows will appear after the rain each morning... and maybe, just maybe you'll also get a smile from Mr. Teddy Bear down the street.

This is ABSCBN's 2012 Summer station ID and I've got to say they just keep topping themselves each time. I'm really a fan of all their station IDs since they are always able to come up with this one big idea/look and create parts of it for each of their talents. Also, I have this giddy feeling every time I see celebrities come together (be it young Hollywood -- Demi-Miley-Taylor-Selena or Disney royalties -- HannahMontana-AlexRusso-Zack&Cody). I don't know, it just seems so cool to see everyone come together like that and see how they blend with each other. Anyway, back to the jingle. Doesn't the festive beat make you want to party with them (meaning smiling and pretending to really enjoy yourself in slow motion)? Also, doesn't their incorporating of the different fiestas in the country make you want to travel around the Philippines right away?  Now isn't that hitting two birds in one stone done like a pro right there? Promoting their talents and shows and the Philippines as well! Ah, and the song is just so catchy I don't mind the lyrics are so repetitive! (I dislike the rap part tho.Oh well)

It may not be Christmas just yet but its a merry time all the same! Let's jingle all the way, shall we?

STORY: No Harness Required

For my grandparent's anniversary, we all visited their new home at Las Pinas to celebrate. We feasted over some food mom prepared and then sweat ourselves out with a marathon of Just Dance on Wii. When we were all too tired to dance anymore, some of us opted to play other Wii games while my cousin, Jinin and I together with sister, Allea decided to goof around with the camera. What came out of it were some really cool flying/attacking shots which could very well pass as poses with harnesses on!

We ended up tired and panting after so so much for resting, huh?

STORY: Pizza Exception

I am not a fan of pizza. Actually, I am not a fan of many things - pasta, caramel, whip cream, etcetera... the list goes on! But that isn't what this post is about. This post is about the exception to one particular food I swore I disliked - pizza. The reason I don't like most pizzas is because of the sour tomato sauce. I would rather have the P40 pizzas you can buy in the street corners which is basically toasted bread with some melted cheese on top. But its just my luck that I finally found a pizza I could enjoy and I found it at S&R (yes, the grocery!). I actually have a liking to Nano's cheese pizza but S&R beats it at first place. And the great part is that the pizza is bigger and cheaper than other pizza branches. Now, ain't that a treat?

Half cheese, half shrimp!

And did I mention the P49 bottomless soda you can order on the side? Well, that's the cherry on top for a soda-drinker (-holic) like me! Hihi!

We ordered some fries, too! Check out the wiped out plate  bottom left.
And since I've been crazy hungry these days, I wasn't satisfied with my two big slices of cheese pizza, fries and bottomless Coke... I had to order some of the New York Cheesecake I saw on display. It was so creamy you'd feel full of it after a few spoonfuls... but not me! I managed to gobble the entire thing up!

And since we are on the subject, I noticed my appetite has increased exponentially (yes! exponentially!) and its unfortunate that I only took notice when some of the fat has found its resting place in my arms and tummy. I have never been one to watch the food I eat since I never seem to get "fat fat" but I guess this comes with age. Entering my 20s means my metabolism is showing signs of slowing down and I can't keep eating all the junk I want and not expect any fat to pile up above my jeans that seem to be becoming tighter and tighter.

Oy, I guess I ain't that lucky after all. I finally found a pizza I enjoyed the moment I realized I couldn't eat as much as I want. Oh well, that's life. Hello diet!

STORY: Fashion Mockery

In a previous post I mentioned I would stop attempting to blog about fashion but I guess I find the idea too amusing to avoid! Just in case you do not get the sarcasm of this post, I'm going to give it to you straight... I am mocking fashion bloggers and not trying to be one. Notice how all these 'fashionistas' always have the same pose in all their shots? The not-looking-hand-behind-the-ear shot or the skipping/walking shot? Well, I thought I'd give it a shot and it isn't as easy as it looks (or maybe that's just me!) Also, its the perfect opportunity to show off yet another ukay find - my turquoise cropped blazer which I altered myself! :) (By the way, turquoise is my color of the moment!)

So, here goes my most conceited post! (And in true fashion-blogger-mockery style, I will also share what stuff I'm wearing and where I got it, you know, just in case you fancy any of the items I'm wearing. Hihi!)

The generic fashion blogger pose I shall call "I''m Shy Pose"

The full body version of the "I'm Shy Pose"

Shoes - Charles & Keith
Dark Rinse Skinny Jeans - Zara
Bag - Charles & Keith
Checkered Top with Knitted Neckline - I don't know! Mom bought this for me.

Blazer - Ukay-ukay a.k.a. Vintage (so its sosyal to the ears!)
I got this for P50 only!!! I just cut a slit on both sleeves since it was too tight for me. The blazer was a size 0 from Bread & Butter.
This shot, I just did because I felt like it... bakit ba? ;) Haha.
So that's my take on fashion blogging... I'm hoping I improve on my styling because taking photos like the one above turned out to be pretty fun! Haha. Here's hoping you are looking forward to my next fashion blogging attempt as much as I am!