STORY: 21 Jump Street

Finally, we got to watch 21 Jump Street! 

Hay, Channing why so handsome?

Jose and I are frequent movie goers so we've been seeing the trailer for this film for quite some time now and we've been waiting for it to finally show in cinemas. We were so excited for the film that we went to see it a week before the filmed opened! We went all the way to Eastwood to catch 21 Jump Street and when the cinema didn't have the film in their "Now Showing" list, we figured it was the mall's fault so we went to Resorts World in hopes that it would be showing there. It wasn't showing there either because unfortunately, it was our fault after all. 21 Jump Street was set to premiere the following week... this week. (By the way, we ended up watching American Pie: The Reunion that day since all the other cinemas were still playing The Avengers which already both saw the week before. The film, AP:TR, was a bit too vulgar for my taste but the story was similar to Grown Ups (Adam Sandler) with, surprisingly, a better plot)

Anyway, back to 21 Jump Street. I knew the movie was going to be something I would like, you know, the type you feel good about after leaving the cinema then don't bother watching or talking about again... but it wasn't. It was better. The film got me laughing a bunch of times and with a cinema with only 10 people in the audience (we caught the 9am screening at Newport, you know, just to try watching a film at that time), the laughter was still pretty loud. 

The story was also more complex-ish than that in the trailer. I thought I got the film figured out already but there were still some parts that I didn't see coming (which I won't be spoiling for you). It also helps that the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill was amazing! The scenes that make you laugh are the scenes where they are just being effortless! None of those gags or extravagant jokes, their in-character conversations are funny enough. 

These is one of those films you would want to have on your laptop or ipad because its the type you'd love to while a way time watching.

P.S. News is that there is going to be a sequel! Weeeehooo! 

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