STORY: Bright Blue Jeans

This is the second half of my two-outfits-for-a-thousand post where I shared to y'all my awesome mustard jeans! Unlike the other post where I came up with two outfits for one pair of jeans, here I only have one. So here we go...

Again, I have put my fashion blog following knowledge into use. They say that one way to tone down a bright colored item is to wear items from the same color family just in a different shade... so I wore a navy blue cropped top with these really pretty white details (the details is actually a drawing of a woman's face). I also wore dark pumps to keep everything low key and give all the attention to the jeans. 

The pockets have these cute button details
 I didn't intend to buy jeans. I was just falling in line for one fitting room when I chanced upon a bin (yes, bin not rack) that had a huge SALE sign on it. Its easy to spot these jeans because of the color but actually I initially grabbed the fuchsia version of this. However, it being sale, the items were all out. Meaning what you see is all there is and those fuchsia jeans (the last 3 pieces of it) were not in my size. I then tried on the bright blue version of it three times because it was either too big, too small or damaged. But I guess I was really lucky because by my fourth try, I found one that fit me perfectly and had all buttons and zipper working! And the best part was that the P240.00 price tag was slashed off 50% so I ended up paying just P120.00 for these babies!

Because of the gold accents, I thought my lovely brown bag would go nicely with it. What you think?

Yes, working my pumps because really, I can only smile with them on when I'm sitting! I am not really a heels kind of girl so I have not mastered walking in heels just yet.

I repeat, I am not an accessories girl so I am totally clueless with all the bangles I wore. I wanted gold to be the accent so I just wore anything in my accessories stash that looked close to gold. I thought the earrings looked nice though, don't you think? I could have done better with the bracelets.

Again, thanks Jose for bearing with my vanity! All these for the love of blogging!

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