STORY: DIY ala Andy!

Being the bum that I am, I have a lot of time to kill. One Friday afternoon after lunch, I gathered enough willpower to reassemble my grandma's old sewing machine and revisit an old past time of mine - sewing. 

We don't have much space around the house and the giant (and ancient) Singer sewing machine my grandmother left at this house was the first to sacrifice when I got a new study table and a new desktop was purchased. The sewing machine was turned into a computer table by taking out the sewing machine and placing this big piece of wood over the hole it made. So, gone are the days when I would randomly sit in front of the sewing machine and stitch together whatever cloth I could put my hands on.  

Anyway, I finally got enough gusto to take out all the computer stuff, put back the sewing machine and know that I will have to put it all back again after I'm done playing Rapulstilskin. 

I got a hold of this polo that I got in an ukay-ukay shop some months ago for P20.00. I was in my polka-dots phase that time so even if the polo was a large, I bought it anyway. 
Before I ruined it!
I kept telling myself I could pull off the loose polo trend those lookbook girls do all the time but I just couldn't. I figured I could alter the polo so I could finally get to use it since I haven't used it since the day I bought it! I wanted to cut of the sleeves and make it a sleeveless polo with a halter back (Oha!) What I ended up creating was a disaster!

I ended up cutting one side too much so, so much for finally creating a wearable piece. :(

After that fiasco, I moved on to a more functional and a more doable project. I was at the mall the other day with my mom and sisters and I kept looking for an organizer that would hold my earphones, chargers and connectors that all seem to enjoy getting tangled together. After going through all the organizers in the malls that were all too big or has too many pockets, I decided I should just make one myself... and that was what I did.

I found some leftover maong from my sister's jeans that I cut and turned into shorts long ago. I also found some leftover cheetah cloth from the shirt I made for my baby, JoeDy some years ago. I thought the cloth would look funky together so I decided to use both. I also grabbed two large bags of ziplock and cut both bags into two.

Maong and Cheetah cloth
I failed to take photos of the first part so I couldn't really give you a decent tutorial but I will still try to explain the process. First step was the cutting. Since the maong was round, I cut it in the middle and flattened it out then I cut it lengthwise to achieve the desired width for my organizer. Then, I cut four strips of cheetah cloth about 1 inch wide for each of the four pockets. Of course, I already told you about cutting the ziplock plastic. I had two big bags so I cut it into two, but its up to you how big you want it.

After everything was cut, the second step is pinning. I grabbed each piece of ziplock (which I made double layered for extra durability) and folded the top part about half an inch in with the strip of cheetah cloth rolled in. This would serve as the accent of each pocket. After you've pinned all four pockets (or how many pockets you want), you can start sewing the cheetah cloth in like the photo below.

See how I pinned the cheetah cloth inside the plastic in place? 
 After you've done the last step to all the pockets, you proceed to the third step. Fold the other end parallel to the side where you did the piping. Fold it twice so its less prone to tearing when you start to sew it in. Sew each pocket onto the maong cloth which you cut earlier (well, any cloth you have, in my case its the maong). Sew only the bottom part which you folded (see photo below). Place it above each other leaving at least an inch between each pocket.

After you've sewn all the pockets in, you're ready for step four - fold all the excess plastic and cheetah cloth in the back of the maong and pin it in place. In my case, I used tape! Hihi. Once you've pin everything it down, sew each side with one long go (I enjoy the sound the sewing machine makes when you sew long stitches!)
Back part
 After you've stitched everything, proceed to step five - cut out all the excess (see photo below).

At this point, you should have something looking like this. After you cut all the excess, the back side should look as neat as the photo in the left (see photo below).

Step 6 is creating the handle. Grab some excess cheetah cloth, the longest piece you can find. If you can't find a long one, stitch together some shorter ones so you can get one long one. Once you have that, fold the cloth in half and sew it about an inch away from the inner fold. Once you finish that, cut along the stitch you made and then invert the entire thing to achieve something like this (see photo below).

After inverting the entire ting, sew the ends together to create a loop (see photo below).

Now, step seven is connecting the handle to the entire organizer. Place the cheetah handle at the back side of the maong in the top part then fold the maong over it. Sew the edge to seal the handle inside the maong. (see two photos below).

Stitch along the edge. You should still be able to pull the cheetah cloth around.

Place a stick in the hole at the top part with the handle so the organizer won't fold when you hang it up... and you're done! :)

The stick is sticking out in the left photo but it would be better if you cut the stick so it won't be visible.
 And I've got to say my organizer is looking pretty sweet against my striped yellow wall. Not only that, my cords are looking tangle free and easier to find! Looks like my reunion with the ancient sewing machine wasn't an overall disaster. 'Til we meet again sewing machine, I have to put the desktop back again. ;)

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