STORY: Dreams Do Come True

This most random of posts is because I have been keeping mental notes of the things I will blog about and end up never getting around to do it. Its a shame because I've already had "quotable" sentences in my head and figured all the dramatic writing out but since I fail to post it by the time I get home, I forget about it!

Anyway, one of those supposed-to-be-post was about our session on Creatives the other day. With no exaggeration at all, I really felt tears in the corners of my eyes during that most candid of talks with the copy director and art director of the agency. Its not really much about what they were saying because the content was actually very amusing, funny actually, yet very helpful and informative. It was more of the thought that I actually did it, I actually got into the advertising industry, I am so much closer to my dream... it was that thought sinking in that made me cry, well almost.

I never really had a dream come true. The things that I am thankful for having now are things I didn't really dream of, they came into my life naturally, accidentally, or unplanned and I though I'm happy for all those things, this case is different. For years I have dreamt of this moment and to actually be in that boardroom, with those people, having a talk about the things I will soon be doing, the feeling is beyond words. It appears that the horizon I have been running after has finally stopped moving away from me. Finally, the dream is a reality.

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