STORY: Hello and Goodbye, Tokyo Cafe

To be honest, I kinda forgot what Jose and I did this day and we ended up eating at MOA but since I found these photos in my queue of things to blog, I'll just focus on the food since that part I remember quite clearly.  Its unfortunate that the photos aren't very nice since I have lost the willpower to lug around a big and heavy DSLR these days. Its like everybody has one and it appears to be a pendant more than an photo capturing device. Anyway, the photos below are courtesy of my lovely blackberry.

As usual, Jose and I could never agree on a place to eat. I was in my craving for gyoza/anything-asian food this time so I kept insisting we eat at some place like that. We went around and around MOA and couldn't find a place we could agree on. 

Probably because of hunger and tired feet, we settled for this restaurant, Tokyo Cafe, which had a really nice window display. From the outside it looked pretty pricey, I estimated about Conti's pricey but when we got in, it wasn't what I thought. The food ranges from 200-500 a dish which was reasonable since their portions were big but the look, feel and smell of the place didn't really feel like it deserved to price its food that high. We were seated near the corner and from where we were, we could smell all sorts of stuff that we really couldn't identify what it was anymore. Probably all the food smell mixed in the air. The seat and table weren't very clean looking either though you could see through the decor that they were aiming for restaurant level and not fast food (despite their food being very similar to Tokyo Tokyo).

 Let's just move on to the food.

This dish is good enough for two. The burger was good - tender and juicy - and the gravy was also nice. The vegetables on the side were delicious and it was great they served beans with the carrots and corn instead of the usual peas which I am not really fond of.

The is spicy chicken teriyaki (I think?). I didn't take note of the names of the dishes so sorry if this review will not really help you. Anyway, this dish was okay. I enjoyed the hint of spiciness that blended well with the sweet-salty taste of the sauce. The chicken was a bit tough though.

Both dishes did not come with rice so we had to order some. And each plate costs P40! And half way through the meal, we had another plate of rice ordered. So for the rice alone, we ended up shelling out P120! But the rice did taste and smell great, but still.

The one in the left is my drink - an oreo milkshake of some sort and the one in the right is Jose's - mango juice with mango chunks on top. Jose's drink tasted really good, very fruity and refreshing. Mine was okay but I tasted better milkshakes.

I think the bill totaled 800-900, I'm not really sure. The place was okay but I could've eaten at better places for the same price, really. I guess its safe to assume I won't coming back for a second visit but then again, don't just take my word for it. I encourage you to try visiting the place yourself and your experience might be better than mine. I'll be glad to hear your story! :)

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Pya said...

Its my favorite place to eat. I love their and burger steak with cheese and tomato sauce, and their cakes. And the pasta marinara is a must try. But I know you dont like seafood so I guess you wont enjoy it hihihihihi...