STORY: Mustard Madness

Finally, I got the chance to set up a "photo shoot" featuring my latest cheap finds... and this time they are all brand new! (My past 'fashion' posts here and here were all ukay-ukay finds) And when I say cheap, its so cheap that you would just stop for a second in disbelief. Anyway since I am being the vain girl I said I wouldn't be, I have divided this post into two since the amount of photos is way too many for one post. But just to give you a total look at how cheap all these stuff are, here is a photo of both outfits with the items' respective prices:

More on the second look here.

By the way, I bought all five items in one day. It was the Friday of last, last week, the day of my orientation for my "job" (well, technically its a training which leads to a job so I'll just jump ahead and assume I pass the training). I was just so happy about finally getting the post after a month long wait from the ad agency to accept me that I ended up releasing my joy by doing some retail therapy. The agency was about 5 minutes walk away from the strip of malls in Makati so while waiting for my sundo, I ended up grabbing a lot of items and found myself surprised that the bill fell a little less than a thousand. Anyway, I'll save my how-I-got-a-job story for another post because really that story will take me a few more paragraphs to tell and I would have forgotten all about my cheap finds by then.

Back to the clothes...

This is the very first photo of the day so my hair was a mess! I only realized that after we've shot all the photos for this outfit and I've already changed for the next one.

When I got to the mall, the first thing I spotted was this sheer white top with a colorful bib that goes all the way around. When I saw that it was just 199.00 I grabbed it and put in my basket and proceeded to find its perfect match. I initially found some peach shorts but it unfortunately didn't come in my size. Which ended up being a good things since I ended up finding these mustard jeans that were dirt cheap as well. 


The material was stretchy so I initially didn't see the zipper in the side thinking these jeans were some sort of jeggings. The pleats in the waist is a really cute detail as well. Who needs a belt to spice up your outfit when you've got some pleats working their magic?

My new favorite bag!

Another tip I've been reading from all these fashion bloggers is to use contrasting colors so I thought my teal bag went pretty well with my mustard jeans. It also complimented the shades of blue on my top.

Ugh, my hair! :/ I didn't really get to put on make up as well. I was too focused on the clothes!

I am not really fond of buying items in loud colors since its very hard to match it up with other items but these mustard jeans (which I had altered) are too cheap and too cute to pass. But its really fortunate that in this case I was able to find another outfit for my newest pair of bright bottoms.  This is a more formal one compared to the previous look. I guess all the "insert-color-into-your-wardrobe" tips from all these magazines are finally put to use! Who says formal wear needs to be boring?

For this set, I was able to fix my hair. Thankfully!

The shoes and the jeans are the same for this outfit, I just changed the top to a crisp white polo that really goes with everything, my Mango bag (which my Tita gave me as a present) and piled on all the accessories I could get my hands on.

I absolutely love this bag and I don't use it as often as my other bags because I'm afraid I might ruin it! And the great part is you can hold it or you can hang it on your shoulders which is a feature common among all my bags actually!

I really enjoy doing these jump shots even if they are pretty dangerous sometimes... with the heels and all.
I'm not really an accessories kind of girl so I don't really know what I'm doing! I guess that's something I will have to learn!

So what do you think of my mustard jeans and how I played with it? Not bad for a fashion newbie huh?

By the way, thanks to Jose for agreeing to bear the afternoon heat with me! (It wasn't very hot actually, the breeze was very strong and cool as evident in my flying hair!) He was the one who took all these photos. :)

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