STORY: Offridge

This is just a quick random post. Apparently the extreme cold I'm feeling right now will be a significant event to document through this post. So, there.

By the way my title is supposed to be a hybrid of the words office and fridge... hope you got that.

I have been going to work for a week already yet my body has still not adapted to the temperature of this place. If you know me, you would know that I love the heat (which I actually blogged about before here. Gosh, I need to find more interesting things to blog about other than temperature) so the temperature in the office is really a very unpleasant environment for me after about an hour in it. Unfortunately, this is something I must bear since other than the temperature, the office is great and as soon as I am fully employed, the job is even greater!

By the way, before I end this post, I would like for you to get rid of the smirk in your face as you think of why I won't just bring a jacket or wear something warmer... well, dear judgmental reader (sorry, I didn't mean that, please come back) I am in the Philippines and the moment I step foot outside the building, the heat of the sun will burn me alive if I dare wore any 'winter' outfit (which I really wish I could wear). So, really every morning aside from thinking of what outfit would look good today, I have to think of how I could make this work for both the heat and the cold... and that my friends is bordering on the impossible... lest I end up looking like a sale rack with random things on. I tried bringing a jacket in my bag but commuting is already very difficult, so carrying around a big and heavy bag isn't really the best idea.

Anyway, so much for quick, huh? Let me just end this post right now.

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