STORY: Pizza Exception

I am not a fan of pizza. Actually, I am not a fan of many things - pasta, caramel, whip cream, etcetera... the list goes on! But that isn't what this post is about. This post is about the exception to one particular food I swore I disliked - pizza. The reason I don't like most pizzas is because of the sour tomato sauce. I would rather have the P40 pizzas you can buy in the street corners which is basically toasted bread with some melted cheese on top. But its just my luck that I finally found a pizza I could enjoy and I found it at S&R (yes, the grocery!). I actually have a liking to Nano's cheese pizza but S&R beats it at first place. And the great part is that the pizza is bigger and cheaper than other pizza branches. Now, ain't that a treat?

Half cheese, half shrimp!

And did I mention the P49 bottomless soda you can order on the side? Well, that's the cherry on top for a soda-drinker (-holic) like me! Hihi!

We ordered some fries, too! Check out the wiped out plate  bottom left.
And since I've been crazy hungry these days, I wasn't satisfied with my two big slices of cheese pizza, fries and bottomless Coke... I had to order some of the New York Cheesecake I saw on display. It was so creamy you'd feel full of it after a few spoonfuls... but not me! I managed to gobble the entire thing up!

And since we are on the subject, I noticed my appetite has increased exponentially (yes! exponentially!) and its unfortunate that I only took notice when some of the fat has found its resting place in my arms and tummy. I have never been one to watch the food I eat since I never seem to get "fat fat" but I guess this comes with age. Entering my 20s means my metabolism is showing signs of slowing down and I can't keep eating all the junk I want and not expect any fat to pile up above my jeans that seem to be becoming tighter and tighter.

Oy, I guess I ain't that lucky after all. I finally found a pizza I enjoyed the moment I realized I couldn't eat as much as I want. Oh well, that's life. Hello diet!

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