STORY: Quick Update

I haven't blogged in a while and its a shame since I really have a lot to blog about - how my hair is now half its original length but twice as frizzy and voluminous, how I just bought two outfits (top and bottom!) for under a thousand pesos, how I now am officially off the bum list, how I have been spending mornings and eating breakfast at my dad's office almost everyday, how my co-trainees bringing their packed lunch has pressured me to bring my own as well, how I've managed to get together with some friends here and there, how I finally got to take a dip in a pool, how my mom and I sucked at Pinoy Henyo and a whole lot more. And imagine, that's just all from last week.

Gosh, I need to starting queuing posts. I can feel how my blog misses publishing a post at least once a day. But now that I've actually listed down the things to blog about in the paragraph above, I guess my blogging will be a whole lot easier.

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