STORY: Sweet Summer!

Summer this year is just too hot for anyone to handle and we humans have no choice but to adapt. We scramble for cool air through air conditioners, we drink all the cold water and juice we can, we turn on all the electric fans, we do not move as much as possible, wear the thinnest of clothes and we eat ice cream... lots and lots of ice cream.

S&R is having an ice cream sale this month and mom bought Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic at 50% off. It was delicious and it went well with the cake mom bought along the way, Red Ribbon's new Ultimate Chocolate cake. It was sweet chocolate (with a dash of peanut butter) heaven in the midst of the hot air circling our house. Too bad it ended very soon. After a few minutes, the ice cream was wiped out and only a few slices of cake were left. I drank a lot of water and carried myself upstairs to lie down and stare at the ceiling and stay there hoping my mom calls me again for another batch of ice cream.

Oh, summer, why must you be this hot?

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